Integration Timeline

  • Brown vs. Board of Education Decision

    This was a court case about a seven year old named Linda Brown who had to walk a mile to get to a black school when there was a white school just blocks away. This case eventually led to the desegregation of schools.
  • Blossom Plan

    The idea of gradual desegregation of little rock schools, named after the person who created it, Virgil Blossom
  • White Citizens Council formed

    A group of middleclassmen who wanted to reduce violence and prevent implementation of the Brown court desicion.
  • Charleston Schools Desegregate

  • Fayetteville Schools Desegregate

  • Horace Mann School Opened

  • Lat Graduating Class at Dunbar High

  • Emmitt Till Dies

    Till was a 14 year old boy. One day his friends dared him to talk to a white woman in a candy store, and he did. About a week later, her husband struck him in the head with a shotgun, he was killed instantly.
  • Southern Manifesto

    Document trying to reverse segregation
  • Hoxie Schools Desegregate

    The school board wanted to desegregate the Hoxie schools because they didn't think they had enough money to fund two separate schools. It took over a year to finally win the case.
  • Little Rock Central Opened

    All-white school that the Little Rock 9 tried to get into
  • Expected Date of Central High Desegregating

  • Faubus Gives Orders to National Guard

    Governor Faubus tells the national guard to keep the Little Rock 9 from entering Central High School.
  • Elizabeth Eckford Denied

    Due to miscommunication, Eckford missed the rest of the group and had to walk to school alone. She was followed profusely by mobs and white children harrassing her
  • Little Rock Nine are Escorted by Federal Troops

    The President calls in the Army to ensure the Little Rock 9's entrance into Central
  • Minnijean Brown Expelled

    She was expelled from Central for getting into a fight with a white girl. She transferred to a school in NYC.
  • Ernest Green Graduates From Central

    He was the first african-american to graduate from Central.
  • Faubus Passes Special Law Allowing Him to Close School

    called the Lost Year.. Governor Faubus basically decided that if he couldn't have things his way then he was just going to shut down all of the schools.
  • Federal court rules school-closing as unconstitutional

  • Martin Luther King Jr. marches on Washington

    This is when Martin Luther King Jr. gave his famous "I have a dream" speech.
  • Johnson signs Civil Rights Act

    made everything equal and integrated- for real this time.
  • Voting Rights Act

    Made blacks allowerd to vote.
  • Malcom X is Murdered

    Malcom X was a black advocate who rejected the idea of integration and supported "black power".
  • Bloody Sunday in Alabama

    A group of black activists were marching through Alabama when they were attacked by a white mob and murdered.