English 1

england in the 1500-1688

  • Feb 3, 1558

    elizabeth I

    elizabeth I
    25 gained throne and father problems. she remained nutural in the religus battles. she had many exspensive dresses. she wasent very lady like, she would spite, swear, and act like a man. she never got married so that she would keep control of england not a forign king.
  • May 26, 1564


    known as father of english lititure, he wrote plays like romeo and juliet, mid-summer's night dream . hamlet
  • death of mary stuart

    death of mary stuart
    mary came to england in 1567 to exscape the revolts in scotland. she there plotted agenst elizabeth because she refused to make the country cathlic. then in 1587 elizabeth had her beheaded.
  • spanish problems

    phillip wanted to marry elizebeth but she didnt want to marry him, so when mary died there went all his chanses of becomeing united with england. he sent the spanish armarmoda to england trying to finally beat them. The english saw this comeing and sent out small ships with big canons(go around the big ships and still get them). Then spain went around the coast where england sent burning ships into the armoda and broke it up for good
  • "sea dogs"

    "sea dogs"
    while elizabeth and phillip where seemingly friends she sent out sir frances drake and the "sea dogs" to raid and steal spanish ships. He would do what no english captan would do, he sailed around the southern tip of south america to steal treasure from peru and chile. when he returned home elizabeth knghted him on his own ship.
  • financial problems

    took in 200,000 pounds of gold yearly (not as good as spain). she put in place new taxes so she could defend her country, that was still not enough so she starrt joint0stcok companys with allowed the country to make money.
  • james I

    james I
    belived he had absolute power over england and that he could od what he thought was right for his nation. he said that his power came doirectly from god and that people had to answer to him. he aften fought with parliment to get money.
  • Charels I

    Charels I
    Son of James I, he became the second stuart king. He had even worse relationship with parlment than his father. Likewisehe belived in the devine rights, He was smart and braze, He was also in need of major money. In 1626 he had to go to parliment for maney after a war with spain, but parliment refused so he dismissed it.
  • Right to Rebel?

    After the beheading of Charels I two people started to wonder if people had a right to rebel. John locke said yes because if we didnt like our government then we should be able to change it. but thomas hobbes said no this is why he came out with his famous work "leviathan" besicly saying that we as humans are naturlly wicked and government is there to protect us. thomas was a huge fan of the absolute monarchy, and have complete power.
  • oliver cromwell

    oliver cromwell
    in 1653 he ended parliment and killed any of the members who didnt leave. set up new government with a new constitution, it was set up as a republic with cromwell as the lord protector. he made ligite fun (theater, ect.) illegal. He took control of ireland and killed most of them giving their homes to solders as spoiles.
  • english bill of rights

    William and Mary ruled along side parliament so parliament and them made the Bill of Rights to limit the power of the ruler. Here are some things that a ruler could NOT do, no suspending parliment's laws, no levying taxes without a specific grant from parliament.