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Building a Legacy, George Lucas

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  • George Lucas was born

    George Lucas was born
    George Walton Lucas Jr. was born on the 14th of may, 1944 in a small farming town named Modesto, a place just east of San Francisco.
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    Building His Legacy, George Lucas

    This is the life of George Lucas, along with many events that happened along the way to his current life.
  • Life Changeing Accident

    Life Changeing Accident
    In his young years, George sped though his life never thinking about what his future would hold. At the very least, he had thought his life would center around cars. However, on June 12th, 1962, George got into a car accident that changed his life forever. After his crash, George was enlightened to how precious life is, and how very short it can be. During his time in the hospital, he finally had time to think about what he really wanted to do with his life, and if he was here for a reason.
  • Preporation for the Future

    Preporation for the Future
    After deciding to try his luck in the film industry, George enrolled into USC to study the art of film producing, editing, and filming. Along the way, he also began to work harder in school, inching his grades bit by bit so that he could earn a associate of arts degree. Also, somewhere during this time, George had vowed to his dad that he would become a millionaire before age 30, brave words, but first he had to get though film school.
  • His first love

    His first love
    Sometime in early 1967, George was offered a job by the United States Information Agency (USIA) to explain US presence in Southeast Asia at the time of the Vietnam war. George worked as a film editor at this time along with a girl named Marcia Griffin, whom he grew to have a mutual attraction. Later on, he asked her on a date like screening of a friend's film, and it was the first time the two had ever been alone together.
  • His first real job

    His first real job
    While searching around Hollywood for a promising job, George ran into Francis Ford Coppola whom offered George a job to help him around set productions, giving him jobs to do around the set. Later, Coppola gave him a real job and the two worked together on many movies like the Rain People, THX, American Graffiti, and many other movies.
  • Man and Wife

    Man and Wife
    On February 22, 1969 George Lucas and Marcia Griffin had their wedding ceremony at the United First Methodist Church in pacific Grove, California. During their honeymoon, the two found a place in Northern California that they liked, Marin County, and decided to settle there. Marcia found A small house in Mill Valley that was available to rent and the Lucas' moved in.
  • First Feature Film

    First Feature Film
    Sometime during 1971, George Lucas released his first feature film to the world, THX 11378, a story that tells people are only restricted by their own limitations, however, like a animal in an open cage, they can walk out whenever they want to. Although this movie was meant to be a reminder to the public about human ability. Although many did not support his ideas, George had said that this was one of the most exciting films he had ever made, it being the first.
  • A Big Success

    A Big Success
    Up till the release of George's American Graffiti, George's life seemed to be going down hill with bad luck. He and his company had began loosing money all the way to the point where they had to borrow money from family and friends to live on. However, after he had finished production of Graffiti, it made a $50 million profit in tickets for Universal and $4 million for George fulfilling the promise he had made to his father. The movie was themed after the peaceful 50's, simpler life.
  • The Year's Best Movie

    The Year's Best Movie
    On the 25th of May, 1977, Star Wars A New Hope opened into theaters for a long six day premiere weekend. During the production of the movie, George had spend 2 long years preparing the movie, and built a large amount of emotional strain and went on a vacation during the opening of the movie. While he was gone, Star Wars had made a smashing over 2 million dollar profit in the first six days.
  • Empire Strikes Back

    Empire Strikes Back
    After two long years of filming, George's second film, the sequel to A new hope, Empire Strikes Back was released into theaters. After the success of the first film, thousands of fans camped out in front of theaters waiting for the release of the second film. Although George did not direct the sequel film directly, he did however edit the film and had yet again an emotional strain that effected his personal life and his moral. Nevertheless, Empire became another box-office smash hit.
  • Success With a Price

    Success With a Price
    In this year, George released the last film in his Star Wars Trilogy, Return of the Jedi, which finished with another box--office smash with a grossing $45 million of the first week. However, some critics had frowned on the movie for its lack of innocence it had once held in the making of the first film 6 years earlier, and it was grinding out fun like an empire itself. Also, George and Marcia divorced a week or so after the release of Jedi, yet very few details were released on the matter.
  • George Begins Setting The Stage for Skywalker Ranch

  • A New Beggining

    George Lucas's first prequal to the original Star Wars Triliogy, Phantom Menace is released into theaters.
  • Almost Finished

    George Lucas's second to last film in the Star Wars Saga, Star Wars The Clone Wars is released into theaters.
  • The Last Star Wars

    George lucas finishes the last movie in the star wars sceries with the action packed movie, Star Wars, Revenge of the Sith.
  • Still Here

    Still Here
    George Lucas has lived a long life, but he still has many years of greatness ahead of him. At age 66, he is still working to improve the life of many people by donateing to schools and charity.