Douglas mawson

Douglas Mawson

By wila
  • The Birth of Douglas Mawson

    Douglas Mawson was born on the 5th of May, 1882 as the 2nd son of Robert Mawson
  • Period: to

    Mawson's life

  • Migration

    Mawson migrated to Australia at two years old, in 1884 from his hometown in Shipley to Rooty Hill near Sydney
  • Surveying New Hebrides

    Mawson became one of the first explorers to map the New Hebrides in 1903
  • Graduation

    Mawson graduated from the University of Sydney in Bachelor of Engineering and Minerology in 1904
  • Teaching Appointment

    Teaching Appointment
    In 1905 Douglas Mawson was appointed lecturer in Mineralogy and Petrology at University of Adelaode
  • Expedition 1

    Expedition 1
    Three years after his appointment at the University of Adelaide, Mawson made the first of his many journeys to Antarctica. The expedition was led by Sir Ernest Shackleton and Mawson was the physicist for the group
  • Expedition 2

    Expedition 2
    Mawson joined expedition to Map the Antarctic coast and take geological samples
    Later in his expedition Mawson was forced to eat his huskies as a result of his team falling down an ice-crevice
  • Knighting of Douglas Mawson

    Knighting of Douglas Mawson
    Mawson was knighted by the Queen, in London in 1914
  • Marriage

    Mawson married Paquita Delpra in 1914
  • Joined British Armed Forces WWI

    Joined British Armed Forces WWI
    Mawson joined the British Armed Forces and achieved the rank of Major.
  • Expedition 3

    Mawson made his third journey to Antarctica for more geological surveys
  • 4th expedition

    Mawson made his 4th journey to Antarctica
  • Mawson's death

    Mawson died aged 76 in 1958