5.8 timeline

  • Period: to


  • First wind turbine

    First wind turbine
    Charles F. Brush. builds first automatically operated wind turbine in Cleveland
  • Hoover Dam building

    Hoover Dam building
    Hoover dam completed on Sept 30, 1935.
  • First nuclear reactor

    First nuclear reactor
    The Shippingport Atomic Power Station was opened, becoming the worlds first " full-scale atomic electric power plant devoted exclusively to peacetime uses"
  • U.S. utility grid opened at The Geysers

    U.S. utility grid opened at The Geysers
    US opens first commercial geothermic power plant.
  • Global Warming first mentioned

    Global Warming first mentioned
    The term global warming was probably first used in its modern sense on 8 August 1975 in a science paper by Wally Broecker in the journal Science called "Are we on the brink of a pronounced global warming?"
  • Jimmy Carter declares energy situation as "moral equivalent of war"

    Jimmy Carter declares energy situation as "moral equivalent of war"
    Carter wore a sweater on April 17, 1977 while delivering a televised "fireside chat" and declaring during the speech (clenching his fist for dramatic effect) that the U.S. energy situation during the 1970s was the moral equivalent of war. Carter encouraged energy conservation by all U.S. citizens and installed solar panels on the White House
  • Prudhoe Bay oil spill

    Prudhoe Bay oil spill
    BP oil spill in Alaska. Caused BP to be fined $20mil dollars and were mandated to search their lines for weaknesses.
  • Climate Gate

    Several weeks before the Copenhagen Summit on climate change, an unknown individual or group had breached CRU's server and thousands of emails and computer files were copied to various locations on the Internet.
  • Deepwater Horizon explosion

    Deepwater Horizon explosion
    The explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig triggered the the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry. This resulted in the worst environmental disaster in the history of the US.
  • Obama speech on energy

    Obama speech on energy
    President Barack Obama speaks on a secure energy future.