Fiona Wood

By samm6
  • Birth Date

    Fiona Wood was born on the 2nd of February. Her birth place was in Hennsworth, Yorkshire.
  • Period: to

    Fiona Wood

  • Medical School Graduation

    After working at a University, Fiona graduated from St Thomas' Hospital Medical School in 1987.
  • Migration To Perth

    Fiona Wood married Australian born Tony Kierath and migrated to Perth before having 2 children.
  • Training Completed

    After migrating to Australia, she comppleted her training in plastic surgery and had four more kids.
  • Fiona' s First Burns Victim

    Fiona's career started when a school teacher had severe petrol burns to 90% of her body. The teacher arrived at the Royal Perth Hospital. Thanks to the US-invented technology of cultured skin and Fiona Wood's dedication, they were able to save her life.
  • Bali Bombings

    Fiona Wood was in the spotlight when there were several burns victims from 2 to 98% body burns. She saved a remarkable 28 people.
  • Citizen Of The Year

    In 2005, Fiona Wood Citizen of the year in Western Australia for her dedication to burns research.
  • Australian Of The Year

    Australian Of The Year
    After all of Fiona Wood's work, she was awarded Australian of the year.
  • Plane Crash

    Because of the crash landing of the Garuda Indonesia Flight 200, Fiona travelled to Yogyakarta to assist the medical teams.
  • Most Trusted Australian

    Fiona Wood was voted most trusted Australian in Reader's Digest from 2005 to 2009.