Thomas Edison

By bduke
  • Birth

    He was born in Milan, Ohio on Feb 11 1847.
  • Mom

    Edison's mother was Nancy Edison. She encouraged him and inspired him.
  • Father

    Sam Edison was his father. They had a bad relationship. Sam thought Al was stupid and would often beat him.
  • Quits School

    Quits School
    Edison quits school and becomes a candy butcher and newsboy on a train.
  • Factory in Menlo Park

    Factory in Menlo Park
  • Married Mary Stilwell

    Married Mary Stilwell
    Thomas married 16 year old Mary Stilwell on Christmas day.
  • Phonograph

    Edison invents the phonograph
  • First Electric Lightbulb

    First electric lightbulb was demonstrated to the press.
  • Mary Stilwell Edison dies

    Mary Stilwell Edison dies
    His first wife dies.
  • Edison marries mina Miller

    Edison marries mina Miller
  • Carbon button microphone

    Carbon button microphone
    Edison events the carbon button microphone.
  • Death

    He died of complications of diabetes in his home.