Brendan Bucklies Universe By; Kyle Schumann

By mine1
  • exposition #1

    Brendan is trying to finish his homework fast so he can ride bikes with his friend klafinis.
  • exposition #2

    Brendan rides over to klafini's house. when he gets there they shoot dolls in a slingshot.
  • conflict

    Brendan's mom will not let him around Ed, Brendan's Grandpa.
  • Rising action #1

    Brendan goes out seaching for his grandpa and finds his house.
  • Rising action #2

    Brendan goes to a club for minerals with his grandpa.
  • Rising action #3

    Brendan gets caught at the mineral club by his mom. He gets grounded for two weeks and can not leave the house.
  • rising action #4

    Brendan's mom cries in the car for two minutes because brendan found out about his granpa.
  • rising action #5

    Brendan has to answer the phone when he's grounded from his mom so she knows he didn't leave the houses.
  • rising action #6

    Brendan makes a plan to meet with his granpa to hunt thunder eggs and said to himself "nothing can stop him now."
  • Falling action #1

    brendan leaves a note on his bed so if the babysitter finds him missing she won't worry.
  • Climax

    Brendan desides he will go with his grandpa to hunt thunder eggs and says that nothing will stop him.
  • falling action #2

    Brendan goes with Ed to find thunder eggs.
  • Falling action #3

    Brendan tells the trueth to his parents about meeting Ed and snd sneeking out to meet him.
  • Resolution #1

    Resolution #1
    Brendan's parents forgive Ed and are happy with him know.
  • Resolution #2

    Brendan and Ed can be a family again.
  • Resolution #3

    Resolution #3
    The whole family is reunited and Ed brings Brendan a Thunder egg.