1950 civil rights movement timeline

By cehuss
  • Period: to

    1950 civl rights

  • sweatt vs painter

    sweatt vs painter
    Explanation: That you can not denied admission base on race at texas law school.
    impact: It started to go anagnsit Plessy vs Ferguson
  • brown vs borad of ed

    brown vs borad of ed
    Explanation: Linda brown wanted to go to the best tschool in town
    Impact: they abandoned the separation but equal doctrine. The south did not do what they were told
  • Rosa parks

    Rosa parks
    Explanation: Rose park made her decision to challenege the segregation of the public transporttion and she was arrested for what she did
    Impact: They started the bus boycott because of Rose parks she got segregation on buses unconstiutional
  • civil right act of the 1957

    civil right act of the 1957
    Explanation: was intended to portcet the rights of African Americans to voters
    Impact: the southern christion leadership conference announced a campaign to register 2 million new African American voters
  • little rock nine

    little rock nine
    Explanation: Arkanasas governor Orval Faubos he send the National Guard to keep the nine African American from going into the school . President Eisenhower send the u.s army to help the African American
    Impact: the other schools will not be segregated
  • southern christian leadership conference

    southern christian leadership conference
    Explanation: it was formed by dr. king jr under his leadership. the organcation challenged segregation at voting booths and in public transportation
    Impact:he was not a violent activist