Yellow brick road

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

By crela
  • His Fathers Career

    His Fathers Career
    His father was a barrel maker who went into the oil business and became very wealthy. Thos could have inspierd the Tin woodman because everytime he rusts he needs oil to move again.
  • Period: to

    L. Frank Baum Life Span

  • Period: to

    Before OZ

  • Dislike of witches

    Dislike of witches
    When Baum was a young boy he didnt like fairytales that introduced witches and goblins. "I demanded fairy stories when i was a youngster and I was a critical reader too. One thing I never liked then, and that was the intriduction of witches and goblins into the story."
  • Dorothy

    I think Dorothy represents the people who dont appreciate what they have and dont realize that their really isnt a place like home.
  • The Scarecrow

    The Scarecrow
    In the late 1800's a lot of farmers lives were changing because the economy was changing. Their crops were able to be shipped to more places and more crops were being produced. I think this relates to the scare crow because he didnt begin at a good start but after Dorothy helped him his life began to improve.
  • The Tin woodman

    The Tin woodman
    I think that the Tin woodMan is a symbol for all the workers that had to work even harder to support their families because of the hard times. Workers had to work all the time and they didnt seem to have time to love or be loved.
  • The Cowardly Lion

    The Cowardly Lion
    I think that the Cowardly Lion is symbol for people who were in power at the time. Many presidents for example hid under their names just like the lion. Everone expected the lion to be the king of beast, evryone expected people in charge to know what to do.
  • The Great Oz

    The Great Oz
    Baum had a big imagination and it seemed to grow bigger as he grew. He imagined all sorts of places and things and im sure that in many of his books he made a charecter that sybolized himself. I think that in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, Oz himself is a sybol for Baum. Oz in a way imagined that he had powers and made everyone else believe the same thing, Baum grew up believing he could do many things.
  • The Emeald City

    The Emeald City
    I think that the Emrald city is a sybol for our capital.
  • The Good Witch of the South

    The Good Witch of the South
    Maud Gage's mother is the leader of the Women's Rights movement when she marries Frank. The Womens Right Movement inspierd The Good Witch of the South[Glinda] country.
  • Drought

    During the Drought in 1888 water was needed to end the crisis, I think this is a symbol for the death of the wicked witch west because she is killed with water.
  • The Depresion

    The Depresion
    Baum looses his store "Baums Bazaar" To the depression.The uncrossible desert was a symbol of the depression.
  • Silver

    During the hard times Baum lost his Baums Bazaar. During that time people were in need of silver. Silver was needed to get over the hard times just like the shoes were needed to get over the desert.
  • Salesman

    After one of his newspapers fail he works as a travelins salesman for a China company. This inspierd The Dainty China Country.
  • The Uncrossable Desert

    The Uncrossable Desert
    The Uncrossible Desert was a way for Baum to show the hard times he went through during the depression.
  • The creation of 'Oz'

    The creation of 'Oz'
    On May 7. 1897 Baum was telling a group of kids about a magical alnd that he created, a little girl asked him what the land was called. He didnt have a name for it yet so he looked around the room for ideas. On a filing cabinet he saw the letters O-Z.
  • Traveling

    After publishing his first childrens story he begins to travel a lot wich could have helped inspire some of the places on OZ.
  • The Wonderful Wizard of OZ

    The Wonderful Wizard of OZ
    He publishes The Wizard of OZ.
  • Death

    On May 5.1919 death knocked at Baums door.