The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

  • Father: Benjamin Ward Baum

    Father: Benjamin Ward Baum
    Baum's father, Benjamin Ward Baum, was a wealthy barrel maker, who entered the oil business. The Tin Wodman must use oil every time he rusts up due to crying or not oiling quick enough.
  • Period: to

    Lyman Frank Baum's Life

  • Childhood Fears

    Childhood Fears
    When Baum was young he always had the fear of witches in stories. "I demanded fairy stories when I was a youngster and I was a critical reader too. One thing I never liked then, and that was the introduction of witches and goblins into the story. I didn't like the little dwarfs in the woods bobbing up with their horrors." Baum had a fear of all these characters when he was just a youngster, but today his stories are filled with every being he stated.
  • Maud Gage

    Maud Gage
    Frank Baum marries a woman by the name of Maud Gage. Her mother was a leading figure in the Woman's Rights Movement, The Good Witch of the South (Glinda) was a sign of the effects of the Woman's Rights Movement.
  • Western Fever

    Western Fever
    In Dorothy's adventures she traveled to the West to find the Wicked Witch of the West. Once she did she would melt her and travel back to Oz to have their dreams come true. In the late 1880's Baum and his family moved to the Dakota territory where the area was known as the "Western Fever". The Wicked Witch of the West is a symbol for the "Western Fever".
  • Baum's Bazaar

    Baum's Bazaar
    Baum had opened a store called "Baum's Bazaar" in Aberdeen, South Dakota that sold everything kid related. Here was where he started his story telling of enchanted lands and faraway places with the children who came in to listen everyday. This store was where his imaganitive career would come alive.
  • Wicked Witch of the West

    Wicked Witch of the West
    During the Drought of 1888, the only way to solve it was obviously with water. This compared to the Wicked Witch of the West because when she had water thrown on her, she melted and was gone. Water during these times could have helped anything.
  • The Depression

    The Depression
    Though Baum did not live through the depression, his stories had showns signs of the beginning affects. "Baum's Bazaar" was a sign. Though he was able to keep it running, in 1890 he had to sell the place to redeem his money.
  • Drought

    Due to the terrible drought in 1888 the customers didn't have the money to buy goods from his store. His generosity overwhelmed him that he reasoned prices with the customers. Due to this, the Baum's were nearly bankrupt. In 1890 the bank foreclosed on "Baum's Bazaar" leaving him without a job. But he never gave up and found a new job managing a weekly newspaper called "The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer".
  • Dainty China Country

    Dainty China Country
    Frank Baum and his family moved to Chicago where he took a job for a travleing salesman for a china company. Dorothy and her travlers discovered the Dainty China Country where everything, even the people, are made of china
  • The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer

    The Aberdeen Saturday Pioneer
    Baum had a low tolerance for the newspaper because of the racial comments written about the Native American Indians during the conflicts with the government. In 1891 he lost the newspaper to bankruptcy. He said "I decided the sheriff wanted the paper more than I". In the Wizard of Oz, the North, South, East, and West countries had conflicts with each other.
  • The Desert

    The Desert
    In this story, Dorothy must travel across the desert to get home to Aunt Em and Uncle Henry. The desert is symbolism for the depression which everyone would have to last through to survive their full lives. Everyone would eventually have to cross the "desert" to find their way home.
  • The Silver Shoes

    The Silver Shoes
    In the story, Dorothy's silver shoes were protection and guidance for her. They kept her safe from the Wicked Witch of the West. During the depression, if someone had silver, you knew they would be able to outlast the destruction. They were safe, for now, from what was to come to people without the glory of silver in their hands.
  • The Emerald City

    The Emerald City
    In 1900, Baum made hsi first copy of the "The Emerald City". When he sent it to his publisher, the Hill Company, no one liked the title. Instead, they changed it to "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz".
  • Dorothy and Her Companions

    Dorothy and Her Companions
    Dorothy, the Scarcrow, the Cowardly Lion, and the Tin Woodman all represent the majority of society. They all want something that everyone who is "normal" have. Dorothy wants a home which is a place that everyone needs. The Scarecrow wants brains so that he can think and understand like other people. The Cowardly Lion wants to have courage to do things only people with courage can. The Tin Woodman wants a heart, a way to love and be loved.
  • Dorothy

    Dorothy is symbolism for people who live in a drab life and want a better life "somewhere over the rainbow". She has already gone into a more colorful life when she steps out of her house after the tornado. The munchkins greet her to the Land of Oz which is already a better home to her than where she did live. But after a while she knew that even though this home was prettier and colorful, she still wanted to go to her real home. Where the people she love live. She would never want to leave them
  • The Scarecrow

    The Scarecrow
    The Scarecrow represents the farmers during the time. People viewed them as people who knew nothing and didn't care of anyone else but themselves. But in true life they actually know so much more. They have a heart and care for their family and friends. They have a brain and understand more things than most people. They have courage that is shown throught all the work they must achieve. Also, they have a home, a place to relax and take in life.
  • The Tin Woodman

    The Tin Woodman
    The Tin Woodman is symbolism for all the hard workers during the time. He works everyday from dawn to dusk and has no time to love. That is why he wants a heart, to love someone and to trust them.
  • The Cowardly Lion

    The Cowardly Lion
    The Cowardly Lion lion is nothing compared to the name that Baum gave him. He had always believed that he didn't have courage to fight creatures and rule the forest but he just didn't believe in himself. He just needed to believe that he had courage to defeat those creatures.
  • Death

    Baum died on May 5th, 1919. His last words were " Now we can cross the Shifting Sands." The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was a part of his life and he would never forget it. He would be remembered forever of his famous story telling of Dorothy and her companions.