The History Of Animation

By 15jcae
  • Jan 1, 1000

    Egyptians Animation

    Egyptians Animation
    Since 2000 B.C. people have been working with animation. The Egyptians have tried to make their stories move. In this picture they show the different positions of the two wrestlers fighting, picture by picture.
  • John Ayrton Paris the Thaumatrope

    John Ayrton Paris the Thaumatrope
    John Ayrton Paris invented the thaumatrope. This was a disc with a string or peg attached to either sides of it. On one side of the disc there was birds on the other side a dog. When you twirled the disc the dog appears to be chasing the birds.
  • Phenakistiscope

    Joseph Plateau was a Belgian Physicist. He was the inventor of the Phenakistiscope also known as the "spindle viewer", This device uses the persistance of motion to create an illusion of movement, or motion. It contained two discs mounted on the same axis. the first disk has slots around the edges, and the second has drawings, or sketches. in a mirror it appears to be moving.
  • Kinetoscope

    Thomas Edison publicized his creation of the Kinetoscope. This projected a fifty foot film in a short thirteen seconds.
  • Praxinoscope

    Emile Renynaud using his previous invention of the Praxinoscope, combined with a projector, opens the Theatre Optique in the Musee Grevin. It displays an animation of images on a long strip of celluloid
  • Cinematograph Patent

    Cinematograph Patent
    Lewia and Augustine Lumiere produce a petent for a device called the Cinematograph, which projected moving pictures.
  • First Film

    First Film
    Humorous Phases, Of Funny Faces
    J. Stewart Blackton made the first animated film. It was called "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces". He would sketch a funny face on a blackboard, and then film it. He would stop the film, erase a face, and draw a new one in its place. He would then film the new face, and repeat the cycle until the clip is completed.
  • Gertie, The Trained Dinosaur makes a debut

    Winsor McCay made a cartoon called Gertie, the trained dinosaur. It consisted of ten thousand drawings.