british literature

By tblatt
  • Period: 400 to Apr 29, 1096

    old english

    old english and medieval periods (a.d. 449-1485)
  • 500


    Translated by Burton Raffel
  • May 7, 1170

    The Pardoners Tale

    wrote by Geoffrey Chaucer
    Translated by Nevill Coghill
  • May 7, 1170

    The Wife of Bath's Tale

    wrote by Geoffrey Chaucer
    Traslated by Nevill Coghill
  • May 6, 1386

    The Canterbury Tales

    no exact date when it was completed but known to be in his later years
  • May 7, 1425

    Morte d' Arthur

    wrote by Sir Thomas malory
    published by William Caxton
  • May 7, 1430

    Twa Corbies

    Anonymous author
  • May 7, 1432

    Lord Randall

    Anonymous author
  • May 7, 1432

    Lord randall

    Anonymous author
  • May 7, 1448

    Get Up and Bar the door

    Anonymous author
  • Period: May 7, 1485 to

    The English Renassance period

    Celebrating humanity
  • May 7, 1576

    The Passionate Sheperd to His Love

    by christopher Marlowe
  • May 7, 1580

    The Nymphs Reply to the Sheperd

    by Sir Walter Raleigh
  • May 7, 1580

    Sonnet 75

    by Edmund Spenser
  • Sonnet 31 & 39

    by Sir Philip Sidney
  • Sonnet 29, 106, 116,130

    by William Shakespeare
  • Macbeth

    by William Shakespeare
  • Period: to

    The Seventeenth&eighteenth centuries

    A turbulent time
  • The Rape of the Lock

    The Rape of the Lock
    by Alexander pope
  • Robinson Crusoe

    by Daniel Defoe
  • Gulliver's Travels

    by jonathan Swift
  • The Modest Proposal

    by Jonathan swift
  • Elegy in a country Churchyard

    by Thomas Gray
  • To a Lamb & To a Tyger

    by William Blake
  • Lyrical Ballads

    Wrote by William Wordsworth and Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  • Period: to

    The Romantic Period

    Rebels and Dreamers
  • Pride and Prejudice

    by Jane Austen
  • Frankenstein

    by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
  • Edgar Allan Poes poems

  • The hunchback of Notre Dame

    by Victor Hugo
  • Period: to

    The Victorian Period

    Progress and decline
  • The Lady of shallott

    The Lady of shallott
    by Lord AlfredTennyson
  • Sonnet 43

    by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  • Ahh, Are you Digging on My Grave?

    by Thomas Hardy
  • Dover Beach

    by Matthew Arnold
  • Gods Grandeur

    byt Gerald Manley Hopkins
  • Spring and Fall: To a Young Child

    by Gerald Manley Hopkins
  • To and Athlete Dying Young

    by Gerald Manley Hopkins
  • When I Was One-and-Twenty

    by Gerald Manley Hopkins
  • My Last Duchess

    My Last Duchess
    by Robert Browning
  • Period: to

    The Modern and Postmodern Perionds

    a time of rapid change
  • The soldier

    by Rupert Brooke
  • Ulysses

    By Lord AlfredTennyson
  • William Butler Yeats works

    When You are Old
    The Second Coming
    Sailing to Syzantium
  • The Hollow men

    by T.S. Eliot
  • The Preludes

    by T.S. Eliot
  • Journey to the Magi

    by T.S. Eliot
  • Shooting an Elephant

    George Orwell
  • The Seafarer & The Wanderer

    Completed around 871-899
    The Seafarer translated by BurtonRaffel
    The Wanderer translated byCharels W. Keddedy