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The 3 Chinese Philosiphy

  • 233

    Hanfeizi dies

    Hanfeizi dies
    Hanfeizi believed that people are naturally selfish, So he thought people should enforce strict laws. They would have rewards for good behavior and harsh punishments for bad. In his time rulers kept being overthrown, so he said that rulers must have absoloute power and be backed up by military might.
  • Period: 233 to Apr 25, 1045

    Zhou Dynasty

    Zhou dynasty timeline
  • 500

    Laozi the leader of Daoism

    Laozi the leader of Daoism
    No one really knows when Laozi was born but some scholars say he lived in the late 500s (B.C.E). Laozi worked as an advisor for the zhou court. When he was 90 he decided to leave china. A guard noticed him and told him to write down his thoughts before he left so he wrote the Dao De Jing.
  • 551

    Confucious is born

    Confucious is born
    Confucious was bornin the small state of Lu. When he was 15 he set his heart on learning. He was the creater of Confucianism.
  • Apr 23, 1045

    The Zhou Dynasty is created

    The Zhou Dynasty is created
    The zhou dynasty lasted from1045-256 B.C.E. The zhou dynasty had three philosiphies confucianism,legalism, and daoism.
  • Daoism

    Daoism taught that people gained happiness by living in harmony or agreement with the way of nature. The balanced the opposite forces of nature called the yin and yang. Yin means shaded and yang means sunlit.
  • Confucious dies

    Confucious dies
    Even though Confucious died, Confucianism is still practiced even today. He wanted people to respect thier elders . He also taught the golden rule. After his death, some students collected his sayings and made a book called the Analects
  • Hanfeizi the leader of legalism is born

    Hanfeizi the leader of legalism is born
    Hanfeizi was the leader of leagalism who was a price of a royal family in the state of Han. Like Confucian, he was concerned about a peaceful society.