The three Philosophies

By lilys16
  • Period: 200 to Apr 25, 600

    China B.C.E

    this time line is B.C.E so all of this is backwards.
  • 233

    Hanfeizi Dies

    Hanfeizi Dies
    At the end of the warring states they started to use the ways of legalism.
  • Period: 233 to

    Hafeizi's life

    He was the founder of legalism. ahis teachings were that there should be strict ruels and harsh punshiments. Also the rulers were backed up by military.
  • 450

    Laozi Dies

    Laozi Dies
    No one is sure of his birth or death. But people belive that others kept adding on to his teachings after he died.
  • Period: 450 to 500

    Laozi's life

    Laozi is the founder of daoism. He belives that the rulers should be lose and let the people solve there own problems.
  • 500

    Laozi is born (no one is sure of his birthday this is an estimate)

    Laozi is born  (no one is sure of his birthday this is an estimate)
    Old stories tell us that he started writeing the De Jing.
  • 551

    Confucius is born 551

    Confucius is born 551
    He was born in the small state of Lu In eastern China.His state was invaded manytimes
  • Hanfeizi is born

    Hanfeizi is born
    Hanfeizi was part of a royal family.He was a prince. He was also alive during the warring states period.
  • Confucius dies

    Confucius dies
    After his death his students collected his teachings in a book called "The Analects".
  • Period: to 551

    Confucius's life

    He taught that they should respect there elders and live peacefully.