moondyne joe

By lozrox
  • birth

    He was born
  • father died

    His father died and Joe and his brothers took to work in copper mines.
  • first crime

    His first crime was stealing from the house of Richard
  • first trialed

    The pair pleaded not guilty but were sent to jail
  • pyreneese

    He was sent on the Pyreneese as a convict to Australia.
  • Ticket of leave

    His good behaviour brought him a ticket of leave and a conditional pardon.
  • Horse stealing

    Moondyne caught an unbranded horse and branded it as his own. The police arrested him at the first oppurtunity that they could.
  • Recieved four year off his sentence

    Joe sent a petition to the Chief Justice, and received four years off his sentence.
  • He got married

    Joe married a woman named Louisa Hearn.
  • Found Moondyne cave

    Moondyne found a cave and named it Moondyne cave.
  • He died

    He died because of senile dementia, a disease that causes one to loose their memory.