50 cent book

50 Cent: From Pieces To Weight

  • 8 Years old- Fight

    8 Years old- Fight
    50 cent was only eight years old when he experienced his first hard core fight. A bully beat him up at school so he ran home while being chased. He got home and started crying to his mom. After she found out what was wrong she felt disappointed and told Curtis (50 cent) to go out and beat him up. She said “Do whatever you need to do” So Curtis went out picked up a rock and hit the bully over the head with it.
  • 9 Years old- Family Death

    9 Years old- Family Death
    When Curtis is nine years old he has to move in with his grandparents and there nine other children. At this point Curtis is really depressed and doesn't care about anything. he doesn't really understand death but he knows his mom is never coming back.
  • 11 years old- Gets into the Family Buisness

    11 years old- Gets into the Family Buisness
    Curtis meets a man named "Sincere" who is a drug dealer. He offers Curtis some Cocaine which he takes and sells to a few members of his family. This is his first introduction to the drug life and he already sees himself living it forever.
  • 17 years old- Busted

    17 years old- Busted
    Curtis has been moving alot of products and making money. One day he accidently slips up and brings a bag of cocaine to school in a pair of shoes. He gets arrested, charged and put on probation. He also drops out of school and makes selling crack his top priority.
  • 19 years old- Arrested again

    19 years old- Arrested again
    Curtis is out dealing with his crew and they get busted by the police. His two friends get jail time because they had the products on them and he Curtis gets 22 months in a drug rehabilitation program.
  • 19-20 years old- Rehabilitation

    He is sent to a drug rehabilitaion center. he says it was a stupid program and he just had to live by the rules for awile tell he finished his time. He did this and con'd his way through the program. He was released and immediately went back to selling drugs.
  • 21 years old- Gets Arrested Again

    21 years old- Gets Arrested Again
    Curtis is sleeping at home when he hears loud bangs at the front door. He knew right away it was the police, he got up and went to flush his products down the toilet but they busted in the front door and ran upstaires. The police find 280 grams of crack cocaine, four ounces of heroin, vials and baggies as well as 15 thousand dollars in cash. He was facing jail time of 3-9 years but instead he participated in the New York State Department of Correctional Services. it cut his time down to 6 months
  • 22 years old- Graduates from his Program

    22 years old- Graduates from his Program
    Curtis graduates and is released on parol. He gets back on the street and picks up drugs. He says he was busy with all his parol meetings and police check ups but still managed to "lock down the strip" and sell more product then ever.
  • 22 years old- Meets Grits and Butter

    Grits and Butter were the two craziest guys in the "hood". They didn't care about anything. Curtis meets them one day to pick up drugs and he sees there is a girl in there house who owed them money for crack. She didn't have it is how they explained the story so they shot her in the leg and just left her in the bathroom. This made Curtis realize he was dealing with hard core criminals.
  • 22 years old- Grits and Butter lose it

    22 years old- Grits and Butter lose it
    Curtis is at the bar with Grits and Butter when a security guard tells them to put there joint out. Grits and Butter just ignore him. They end up in a fist fight and the security guard beats up both of them but they didn't take loosing as an option. Grits just grabbed his gun and shot the security guard 15 times.
  • 23 years old- Meets tanisha

    23 years old- Meets tanisha
    Curtis is driving home and sees a beautiful girl at the bus stop. He asked her on a date but got turned down. He ddid however manage to get her number and she agreed to hang out with him after a few calls. three months later tanisha is pregnant.
  • 23-24 years old- Need to get out of the Game

    23-24 years old- Need to get out of the Game
    Curtis is blessed with a baby boy but realizes he can't be a father and do what he is doing everyday. Selling drugs is not an option anymore. Curtis starts to write raps, after a few songs he made a mix tape and gave it to a few people but was running low on money so he had to start selling drugs again. He got the drugs but also pissed off the wrong people.
  • 23 years old- "The shooter was on me, emptying bullets"

    23 years old- "The shooter was on me, emptying bullets"
    One day Curtis left with his friend to make some deals. Before he left he "grabbed his gun in case there was trouble". Not long after they got in the car a vehicle drove up beside them, window rolled down and put a gun into the window. All the shooter had to do was pull the trigger. Curtis ended up being shot nine times, two in his leg, one in the mouth, hand and arm. The remainder of the shots hit his body. Amazingly he did not die.
  • 23 years old- Rehabilitation for real

    23 years old- Rehabilitation for real
    After living through being shot nine times Curtis felt like there was a purpose to his life, he felt like god didn't want him to die. He spent many weeks in the hospital. After partly recovering he was able to go home but needed to do some serious work to get his body back into good physical shape. He started working out alot more, palying with his son and writing music. The drug game was not for him anymore.
  • 25 years old- Starts looking at music like drugs and sales sky rocket

    25 years old- Starts looking at music like drugs and sales sky rocket
    Curtis knows the drug game is going to kill him if he does not get out of it. He realizes he knows how to sell stuff he had been doing it for years and starts to market his CD's like he did with drugs. Luckily for him Eminem and Dr. Dre get ahold of one of his tapes and can hear the talent and determination he has. They help produce a CD with him. He named it "Get rich or die trying" which sold 872,000 copies the first week and 822,000 the next week. He is now known as 50 Cent.