Jesse Owens a lasting legend

  • Jesse Owens is born.

    This is the birth of a great runner.
  • Enrolling for Ohio State University

    Jesse Owens enrolls in The Ohio State University.
  • Jesse sets world records.

    He set world records in 220-yard dash,220-yard low hurdle and long jump.
  • Breaking world records

    At the Big Ten Conference Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Owens broke three world records (long jump, 220-yard dash and 220-yard low hurdles) and tied a fourth (100-yard dash), all in a 45 minute span.
  • Setting world records and tying a world record.

    Ohio State University's track star Jesse Owens was credited with setting five world records and tying another.
  • Jesse gets married.

    Jesse marries Minnie Ruth Solomon.
  • Last quarter of OSU.

    Owens finishes his last quarter at OSU before the Olympics.
  • His acomplishment of 4 gold medals.

    He won 4 gold medals in 100-meter dash,200-meter dash,long jump and 400-meter relay.
  • WW II

    WW II began in Germany which is where he got his medals.
  • Jesse Owens dies

    Jesse was a lifetime smoker so he died from lung cancer.