Walter Elias Disney

By kevpets
  • Walter Elias Disney is born

    Walt Disney is born. His parents were Elias and Flora. Brothers were Herbert, Raymond, and Roy. Born in Chicago, IL
  • Disney Brothers Studio is created

  • Walt Disney marries Lillian Bounds

    in idaho
  • Mickey Mouse is born

    Created by Walt Disney and parter Ub Iwerks. Origianl voice was Walt himself.
  • Walt's daughter Diane is born

    Diane Marie Disney is born.
  • Donald Duck is introduced to public

  • Walt's second daughter Sharon was adopted

    Sharon Mae Disney.
  • Walt creates his Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

    83 min. cartoon movie.
  • Walt's mom Flora died

  • Walt creates Pinocchio

    88 min. cartoon movie.
  • Walt's dad Elias died

  • Walt creates the movie Dumbo

    64 min. cartoon movie
  • Walt creates Bambi

    70 min. long cartoon video
  • Disneyland is opened

    Disneyland is opened in Anaheim, CA
  • Walt Disney Died

    Died of lung cancer. 10 days after his 65th birthday. Died in LA, CA.
  • Walt Disney World is opened to public

    in Orlando, Florida
  • Disneyland Tokyo is opened

  • Euro Disneyland is opened in Paris