By rochedi
  • Birth

    Born near the little town of hodgeenville.
  • Mom died

    Mother died of a mysterous desease Abraham was depressed for years.
  • Almost died

    Got kicked in the head by a horse and it was said that he was "dead fo a time".
  • Moved

    Moved to west illinois to try politics.
  • Ran for legislature

    He decided to run for the illinois legislature and lost because only his town voted for him.
  • Post master

    Andrew Jackson appointed Lincoln post master lincoln was suprised but accepted the job.
  • Ran for legislatrure agan.

    He ran for legislature again and got elected this time and got reelectrd in 1836,1838 and in1840.
  • Polotician and lawyer

    he was intrested in becoming a lawyer so he became a politician and a lawyer.
  • Fourth term

    He served fourth terrm in illinoys house of represenaives.
  • Got married

    Decided to marry Mary but the marrage got cancled then in 1842 they decded to marry again on november 4th.
  • Had children

    He had four sons Robert Todd, William,Thomas and Edward.
  • Famous people

    Walt Whitman wrote his first book of poetry Leaves Of Grass.
  • President

    He got elected priesident of the United States
  • Sports

    Around this time basball was the most popular sport.
  • More sports

    Soldiers ayed football, fot racinng, wresling, baseball, and horse racing during the civil war to keep them intertained.
  • Fashon

    Throught the civil war soldiers had dress codes but not all followed it. Federal officers had to wear a dress coat and were given light blue pants and black shoes they called "gunboats" and a cap called a kepi. most of the colors they wore were brown and gray and women wore big puffy dresses.
  • Daily life

    Chvil war was begining. By this time around more than 10% of the men at home had to serve in the war.
  • Music

    Soldiers sang songs to entertain themselfs and relieve home sickness and lonlieness they also sang while they marched to keep themselfs in spep with eachother.
  • My fact

    During the cvil war nearley 680,000 of the men died leaving their loved ones at home the family eould scan the lists of casualities in newspapers after a batle for their husbands name.
  • Civil war

    Civil war
    After Aberham was elected priesident the civil war begins.
  • More daily life

    Around this time a law was passd saying that men whoowned more than 20 slaves did not have to join the army.
  • Soldiers daily life

    Some southern armys sold cotton to northerners and used he money it earned to buy the supplies they needed.
  • Emanciation proclamation

    Aberham helped write the final verson of the emancipation proclimation.
  • Popular music

    "Dixie" was a popular type of music with the politicians around this time.
  • Death

    He was asassinated in washngtion , D.C. during a play.