Kory Kaiser

  • Jack's Wish

    Jack's Wish
    In the opening seen Jack wishes for his cow to give milk, so he can keep the cow as a friend. Or to obtain a new friend.
  • Jack's Mom

    Jack's mom tells him he has to go to the city and sell the cow for no less than 5 pounds. They are very poor and need money.
  • Jack's Journey

    Jack is sent into the woods by his mom. His mom told him to sell his cow for money.
  • The Baker

    The Baker
    Jack meets the Baker and his Wife in the woods. They are very needy of the cow because of their wish. Their wish is to have a baby, and the need the cow to help the process.
  • Jack's Lie

    Jack's Lie
    Jack lies about his cow having milk to the Baker and his Wife. His cow would not give milk, that's why his mom wanted to sell the cow in the first place.
  • Jack's Trade

    Jack's Trade
    Jack traded his cow, Milky White for 5 "magic beans" from the Baker an his Wife. He doubted the fact they were magic though.
  • "I guess this is goodbye"

    Jack is very sad about selling his cow. He sings to Milky White to calm himself. Also to say goodbye in a nice way.
  • Jack Plants

    Although Jack did not believe the magic of the beans, he plants them in the ground to see what would happen. He just thought he would have food for his family.
  • The stalk grew

    The stalk grew
    Jack went outside the next day. He saw that a gigantic bean stalk had grown in his garden. He was extremely surprised and ambitous.
  • Jack finds the kingdom

    Jack finds the kingdom
    Jack climbs the stalk and finds the kingdom in the sky. He meets a husband and wife pair of giants. He takes gold from them.
  • Jack steals from the giants

    Jack steals from the giants
    Jack goes to the kingdom a second time. Inside the kingdom Jack found a chicken that laid golden eggs. Jack steals the chicken and also sees a golden harp that plays itself.
  • "Theres giants in the sky"

    "Theres giants in the sky"
    Jack sings about how there is giants in the kingdom in the sky. He is very excited about it. Also that he has stolen from them.
  • The giant strikes, or tries

    The giant strikes, or tries
    The giant finds out that he was stolen from. He comes down the stalk, before he can get down Jack hacks down the stalk. The giant falls of and dies.
  • Milky White dies

    Milky White dies
    At midnight Milky White falls over and dies. The witch revives the cow with her powers.
  • Jack's riche's

    Jack's riche's
    Jack has started to sell the golden eggs and is now very wealthy. The chicken he took kept laying golden eggs.
  • Jack's new wish

    Jack's new wish
    Jack after seeing the great kingdom in the sky, misses it very much. His new wish is to go back to the kingdom.
  • Jack visits the kingdom

    Jack visits the kingdom
    Jack goes back to the kingdom. He steals a golden harp that plays it self. The wife is infuriated.
  • Jack WANTED

    Jack WANTED
    The wife of the giant is furious her husband has ben killed. So she comes down a new stalk and is looking for Jack. She lost her glasses so she can't see very well.
  • Jack's Anger

    Jack finds out his mother has been killed and he is angry. He agrees with the Baker to help kill the giant.
  • Jack the hero

    Jack and the Baker kill the wife giant. They smeared pitch on the ground and the giant got stuck. They struck the giant and she died.
  • The end

    The end
    Little Red Riding hood says that she will take care of Jack. The Baker says that Jack, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and his Son should all go live together. They would become a family.