Life of Al Capone

  • Al Capone is born

    Alfonze "Al" Capone is born and grows up on the streets of Brooklyn. Being associated with gangs at an early age, Al Capone, called "snorky" by his friends, soon moves to Chicago and inherits a gang when the former leader dies.
  • Period: to

    the life of Al Capone

  • Capone's empire

    By the year 1929, Al Capone's gangs, bootleggers, and other illegal businesses were worth over $60 million.
  • St. Valentine's Day Massacre

    This massacre, set up by Al Capone targeted Bugs Moran, leader of a rival gang called the North Side Irish. 6 of his men, along with a mechanic in the garage in which it took place, were killed. Bugs himself fled the scene after seeing a stolen police car in which Capone's men arrived. Two dressed as officers and two in brown trench coats. After the shooting, the two men dressed as officers came of with the other two men at gunpoint. The public thought that the police had caught the culprits.
  • Justice

    In 1931, Al Capone is arrested for tax evasion. For this and his many earlier crimes, he was given a sentence of 11 years. He is sent to Cook County Jail where he uses his money to easily manipulate the guards. During his stay there, his cell was filled with expensive furniture, a cozy bed, a desk and many books.
  • Transported

    Al Capone is taken from Cook County Jail to the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta. He can manipulate the guards there just as easy as in Cook County Jail
  • Court to Alcatraz

    Al Capone loses another court battle. It is announced he willl be brought to the US Supreme Court
  • Alcatraz

    Al Capone loses his battle in the Supreme Court. To keep him from manipulating the prison guards, the court sends him to Alcatraz Island.
  • Back to older jails

    After spending four and a half years there, Al Capone is moved from Alcatraz to Terminal Island Prison
  • Back To The World

    Al Capone has lived out his sentence. He is released, but his empire is destroyed. He no longer lives a life of crime.
  • End of an Era

    Al Capone dies in his home, sorrounded by his family.