The Cape Fear River Steamers

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  • Birth of William Wallace Skinner

    Capt. William Skinner, 1st cousin of Capt. Samuel W. Skinner of Richmond, Virginia.
  • Birth of Sarah "Sally" Francis Skinner

    Wife of Louis B. Erambert. Mother of Annie Erambert.
  • Birth of Emily J. Erambert

    Daughter of Augustus J. and Martha (Newberry) Erambert. Wife of Capt. James A. Wilkinson (1st marriage) and Capt. Samuel W. Skinner (2nd marriage).
  • Birth of Samuel Wallace Skinner

    Son of Capt. Samuel W. Skinner of Richmond, Virginia. Husband of the widow, Mrs. Emily J. (Erambert) Wilkinson.
  • Arrival of Steamer EVERGREEN

    Arrival of the steamer Evergreen, at Fayetteville, to become part of the Henrietta Steam Boat Line boats.
  • Brothers Line

    The Steamer BROTHERSTHE Steamer Brothers and Tow Boats, Stevenson and David Lewis are prepared to forward with Despatch, all goods consigned to the Proprietor.
  • Arrival of the Steamer ZEPHYR

    The Steamer ZEPHYR The Steamer ZEPHYR arrived upon the Cape Fear on December 14, 1852 from Wilmington, Delaware.
  • Captain James A. Wilkinson Lost

    Captain Wilkinson's Young Widow Capt. Wilkinson slipped from the steamer SOUTHERNER into the frigid Cape Fear river.
  • Death of Augustus J. Erambert

  • Marriage of Louis B. Erambert & Sarah F. Skinner

  • Boiler Explosion of the Steamer MAGNOLIA

    A Terrible Steamboat Accident The boiler of the Steamer MAGNOLIA exploded near White Hall Landing, Bladen County, NC on the 16th of February, 1858, killing her master, Capt. James M. Stedman and several others.
  • Arrival of Steamer A. P. HURT

    The new iron steamer A. P. Hurt, Capt. Hurt, arrived here yesterday from Wilmington, Delaware, via Annapolis, Norfolk, Beaufort and Swansboro.
  • Boiler Explosion of the Steamer KATE MCLAURIN

    The boiler of the Steamer KATE MCLAURIN exploded killing her master, Capt. William T. Evans and several others. The boat floated downstream about 30 miles.
  • Birth of Annie D. Erambert

    Daughter of Louis B. Erambert and Sarah F. Skinner.
  • Death of Louis B. Erambert

    Son of Augustus J. and Martha (Newberry) Erambert. Brother of Virginia and Emily J. Erambert. Husband of Sarah "Sally" F. Skinner.
  • Death of Martha J. (Newberry) Erambert

    Wife of Augustus J. Erambert.
  • Squi Bob, Off to the Springs

    Squi Bob Off to the Springs A man recounting his journey, humerously refers to himself as Squi Bob, boarded the Steamer D. MURCHISON (Capt. Garrason).
  • Death of Morgiana C. (Erambert) Hurt

    Daughter of Henry M. Erambert and Mary Ann Cowper
  • Boiler Explosion of the Steamer R. E. LEE

    Boiler Explosion of the Steamer R.E. LEE The boiler of the Steamer R.E. LEE exploded killing several and severely wounding her master, Capt. William W. Skinner.
  • Exodus of the Steamer CUMBERLAND

    Exodus of the CUMBERLAND as told by W. The Steamer CUMBERLAND, built by Master Carpenter, A. G. Black, left the Cape Fear River and headed down the Atlantic Coast to Fernandina, FL, stopping at various points along the way.
  • Excursion to Smithville

    Excursion to Smithville A group of Fayettevillians were taken to the beach by Capt. Albert H. Worth aboard the Steamer GOVERNOR WORTH.
  • Burning of the J.S. UNDERHILL & NORTH EAST

    Burning of the Steamers J.S. UNDERHILL & NORTH EAST The Steamers J. S. UNDERHILL and NORTH EAST were burned at their wharf at Wilmington, NC.
  • Death of Capt. Albert P. Hurt

  • Death of Archibald M. Carter

    Husband of Virginia Erambert and father of Cornelia W. (Carter) Hunley.
  • Boiler Explosion of the Steamer WAVE

    At Wilmington, NC, the boiler of the Steamer WAVE, exploded causing the boat to sink within a few minutes. Several persons were killed. Capt. Jeff D. Robeson was across the river, doing business in the City.
  • The Great Fire of Wilmington

  • The New Steamboat CAPE FEAR

    The Steamer CAPE FEAR— The new steamboat Cape Fear, under the command of Capt. T. J. Green, will start on her first trip to Fayetteville to day. The new boat takes the place of the steamer Bladen, destroyed in the great fire in February last. She is a light draft boat, about the size of the Bladen, and has accommodations for about twenty first-class passengers. The Cape Fear was built at Capt. Skinner’s ship-yard in this city.
  • HURT & CAPE FEAR On Hillside at Fayetteville

    HURT & CAPE FEAR On Hillside at Fayetteville
    The Steamer CAPE FEARthe rapidly falling waters had left the steamboats Cape Fear and Hurt high on the hillside above the water, at Fayetteville, and that both boats were considerably damaged.
  • Death of Emily J. (Erambert) Skinner

    Wife of Capt. Samuel W. Skinner.
  • Death of Cornelia W. (Carter) Hunley

    Wife of Thomas Hunley, and mother of Virginia Hunley.
  • Arrival of Steamer CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE

    Arrival of the Steamer CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE The Steamer CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE arrived in Fayetteville, NC this morning.
  • Death of Virginia Hunley

    Daughter of Thomas Hunley and Cornelia "Neily" W. (Carter) Hunley. Buried in the Louis B. Erambert plot of Oakdale Cemetery, Wilmington, NC.
  • The HIGHLANDER Arrives at Georgetown, SC

    “The Highlander,” the new boat to run between Columbia and Georgetown, arrived in the city yesterday afternoon at 5.30. She is at the dock in rear of the opera house.
  • HIGHLANDER on the Congaree River

    HIGHLANDER on the Congaree River
    When the Columbia (SC) party got aboard the mate by request gave three long pulls at the whistle, and the deep, musical notes reverberated over the forest telling the city of Columbia that at 8.30 p. m., on the night of the 20th of March, 1904, she had become an “inland port.”
  • Steamer HighlanderDestroyed by Fire

    The Highlander Upon the CongareeNews was received at midnight of the burning of the river steamer Highlander, at a point twenty-five miles from Georgetown. The boat was totally destroyed. It was valued at $12,000, with $3,000 insurance. it was built in Wilmington, N. C., three years ago and owned by T. D. Love, of that city. The boat carried no cargo.
  • Death of Capt. Samuel W. Skinner

    Husband of Emily J. Erambert.
  • Death of Lillie (Draughon) Skinner

    Wife of Garry Williams (1st marriage) and Capt. William W. Skinner (2nd marriage).

    Zach. Roberts, a colored pilot on the Cape Fear river for years, died at his home in Campbellton, this city, Saturday morning at 5 o’clock.
  • Steamer CITY OF FAYETTEVILLE Breaks in Two and Sinks

  • Death of Capt. William W. Skinner

    Captain William W. Skinner In 1830, Captain William Wallace Skinner was born in Richmond, VA. He was the 1st cousin of Capt. Samuel W. Skinner, also of Richmond. Capt. William Skinner was master of the steamer R. E. Lee at the time of her boiler explosion in August of 1871. He survived the explosion. Capt. William W. Skinner died in November of 1913 a few days after the burning of the steamer C. W. Lyon. H
  • The Burning of the C. W. LYON

  • Death of Annie D. (Erambert) Eley

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    The Cape Fear River Steamers Era

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    The Steamer A. P. HURT

    The Steamer A. P. HURT Part IThe Life of the Steamer A. P. HURT upon the Cape Fear River.