4-4 mayor leaders

  • Dec 25, 1066

    William the Conqueror

    William the Conqueror
    William declares himself King of England after being Duke of Normandy.
  • Aug 18, 1206

    Gengis Khan

    Gengis Khan
    Invador of China and more other countries he was emperor of the mongols.
  • Jan 1, 1299

    Osman I

    Osman I
    Osman founded the Ottoman Empire wich would exist until 1922
  • Apr 15, 1429

    Joan of Arc

    Joan of Arc
    She leaderd the French Forces during The 100 years War.
  • Apr 15, 1452

    Leonardo da vinci

    Leonardo da vinci
    Leonardo da vinci pain the famus mona lisa
  • Mar 6, 1475

    Miguel Angel Buonarroti

    Miguel Angel Buonarroti
    He was a great artist
  • Apr 9, 1486

    Emperor Maximillian I

    Emperor Maximillian I
    On this date Maximillian was coronated King of the Romans.
  • Apr 22, 1506

    christopher colombus

    christopher colombus
    chistopher colombus think that the earth was not page and discober America. when he discober America he think that he discober India
  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo Galilei birthday

    Galileo Galilei birthday
    Glileo was an astronomer, philosopher, mathematician and italian physicist and participated in the Scientific Revolution
  • Louis the Great

    Louis the Great
    He was named at the age of 5 years old King of France and Navarra.
  • Thomas Jefferson

    Thomas Jefferson
    On this date he was elected 3rd President of the US.
  • Napoleon Bonaparte

    Napoleon Bonaparte
    He declared him self Emperor of The French to rule all Europe.
  • Simon Bolivar

    Simon Bolivar
    Simon Blolivar independence Colombia and create the Gran Colombia
  • Thomas Cipriano of Mosquera

    Thomas Cipriano of Mosquera
    He was a brilliant genaral, but he led Colombia to various civil wars to promote federalism.
  • Otto von Bismark

    Otto von Bismark
    Bismark founded the German Empire and became the 1st Chancellor of Germany.
  • Cleopatra VII

    Cleopatra VII
    Cleopatra Philopator Nea Thea Most known as Cleopatra VII was an egyptian queen that was on the trone from year 51 B.c To 30 B.c she was married with Marc Anthony and powerfull Julius Caesar.She died at the age of 39 because a suicide with a snake
  • Winston Curchill

    Winston Curchill
    He was named Prime Minister on that date. He is known for his bravery during WWII.
  • mohandas gandhi

    mohandas gandhi
    GANDHI died
  • Jorge Eleicer Gaitan

    Jorge Eleicer Gaitan
    On this date the Colmbian beloved Liberal candidate for President was assasinated this was the result of a Civil War.
  • Jhon Paul II

    Jhon Paul II
    He, oh this date made a confession of the crimes of the Church.
  • George W. Bush

    George W. Bush

    november 2009 Obama was picked for president of the U.S.A
  • obama strikes again

    obama strikes again
  • Charlemagne

    I n the Chirstmas day 800 Charlemagne was coronated Holy Roman Emperor.
  • Otto the Great

    Otto the Great
    He was coronated King of Lombardy and some years later
    Holy Roman Emperor.