Neil armstrong

3rd Period Scientist Timeline Jake Read

  • Period: 100 to 171


    Born: 470 B.C.
    Died: 399 B.C.
    Law and theory known as one of the starters in the western system and logic.
  • Period: 184 to 223


    classification on plants and animals Born: 384 B.C. Stargiria, Greece
    Died: 323 B.C
  • Period: 328 to 448


    Born 428/427 B.C. in Athens, Greece
    Died: 348/347 B.C. Built his own college in Athens
    Quoted many famous sentences for others to learn from
  • Period: 350 to 415


    Taught Mathmaticions the astro lay number theory, invenred hydroscope and astrolay
  • Period: Dec 27, 1571 to

    Johannes Kepler

    Explained how a telescope worked
    Explained how the moon affected the tide
  • Period: to

    Charles Boyle

    Created gas laws
    (Pressure x volume = temperature of gases, etc.)
  • Period: to

    Ben Franklin

    Well known inventor, conducted the famous kite-and-key experiment, and found a way to convert electricity into an energy source
  • Period: to

    Caroline Herschel

    First woman to discover a comet.
  • Period: to

    John Dalton

    Created Color-blindness test
    he made the atomic theory
    First to investigate eyes and why they saw what they did
  • Period: to

    Christian Doppler

    Creating the Doppler Effect which was sound and frequency depends where the observer is and how the object is moving.
    “ Father of Genetics”
    Was a teacher and taught Gregor Mendel
  • Period: to

    Charles Darwin

    Evolution Theory
    Natural Selection
  • Period: to

    Florence Nightengale

    Started first secretion school
    Started the St. Thomas Hospital
    Wrote notes on her nursing experience
  • Period: to

    Alfred Nobel

    Created a safer way to use explosives
    Created the Nobel Prize, the most prestigious and honorable prizes in the world
    Invented dynamite
  • Period: to

    Thomas Edison

    invented the light bulb,phonograph
    invented motion picture
    1,093 patents
  • Period: to

    Marie Curie

    Physicist and Chemist
    Discovered elements like Uranium, Polonium, Radium and also radioactivity
  • Period: to

    Alfred Wegener

    plate tectonics theory
  • Period: to

    Harry Hess

    He revived the plate tectonic theory that was made by Alfred wegner. He noticed that the continents were moving. It was called seafloor spreading
  • Period: to

    Wernher Von Braun

    German rocket maker and space architect
    Worked for Wehrmacht (German Army) and developed missiles
  • Period: to

    Richard P. Feynman

    Manhattan Project
    Taught Physics at the University of California
    Developed the Feynman diagrams for physics
  • Period: to

    Rosalind Franklin

    Photograph 51
    DNA double helix model
    Structural biology
  • Period: to

    Joanne Simpson

    First female meteorologist Created Models of hurricanes, clouds etc
  • Period: to

    Buzz Aldrin

    Part of the gemini 6 project, second man on the moon
  • Period: to

    Neil Armstrong

    July 20th, 1989 First Man on the Moon
  • Period: to

    Stephen Hawking

    Cosmologist, Physicist

    Blackhole Mechanics Theories
    Helped develop boundless universe theory
  • Period: to

    Sally Ride

    1st female astronaut in space
  • Period: to

    Carl Sagen

    Professor at Harvard
    Created “Cosmos” in 1980
    Hero of the “Space Race”
    Essential part of NASA and the Space Race
    Helped design the Pioneer 10 & 11
    Briefed Apollo astronauts