3K.Durante Cold War

By durante
  • NATO

    The USA, Canada and ten other countries formed a new allioence. Members would help one another if other countires were attacked
  • soviets have nukes

    soviets have nukes
    soviets devoloped their first nuclear bomb
  • North korea invades south korea

    North korea invades south korea
    The north invades the south to reunite the koreas into one korea. in september the US landed behind enemy lines and cut off the norths supplies for their troops in the south. thoes troops soon surrendered and at the end of the war there was still a south and north korea and the south fully recovered and recovered its democracy
  • Hydrogen bomb

    Hydrogen bomb
    both sides now have devolped a hydrogen bomb
  • Korea splits in two

    Korea splits in two
    The communists took the north and the south was supported by the US.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    It was in response to NATO. It included the Soviet union and seven other countries.
  • Berlin wall

    Berlin wall
    the communist soviet controlled east side of berlin were flodding into the west side of berlin to flee th low paying communist side. so the soviets built a wall to keep people inside east berlin
  • cuban missle crisis

    cuban missle crisis
    after fidel castro turned cuba communist the soviet union sent missles to cuba that is 90 miles off the coast of florida so the US reacted by putting a blockade on cuba
  • Soviets in Afhganistan

    Soviets in Afhganistan
    The soviets wanted to modernise the afghan gov but the soviets communist gov went against the afghans traditions. so when the soviets came into afghanistan the afghans fought back.
  • eastern european independence

    eastern european independence
    countries like poland and bulgaria broke out of the soviet union to form their own countries. By 1991 there were 12 different countries that broke out. and the soviet union was gone. also in 1992 czechoslovakia broke into two peacefully.
  • Soviet union falls

    Soviet union falls
    begining in 1989 countries started to break away from the soviet union that were once taken over by the soviet union. by 1991 12 countries seceded and the soviet union became russia not long after.