By Adanska
  • Masaka born

  • Amaya born

  • Kinaktok born

  • Chessa born

  • Seda born

  • Li born

  • Tak born

  • Beebs born

  • Jaks born

  • Nibs born

  • Ookami born

  • Masaka becomes Squad Leader

  • Jaks and Beebs joing the CA

  • Seda joins the CA

  • Kinaktok leaves her lands

  • Amaya runs away

    joins UG
  • Seda becomes Masaka's 2ic

  • Chessa's sister kills herself

    Magdalena, raped and beated weeks earlier; spoke out, was disgraced, hung herself
  • Chessa joins the CA

  • Li joins the CA

  • Masaka gets taken

    Seda has her own squaddies, has been running Masaka's command for the last few months
  • Seda fully takes over as head of the CA

  • Nibs joins the Rebellion

  • Kinaktok joins the rebels

  • Seda and Tak command their group

  • Seda's Squad gets sent to fetch a package, 'Ghost'

  • Seda's Squad goes after Masaka; Jaks, Beebs, and Li die