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Marie Curie's Life

  • Marie Curie Was Born

    Marie Curie Was Born
    On November 7th 1867 Marie Curie was born. She was born in Warsaw, Vistula Land, Russian Empire
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    Marie Curie's Life

    By Emily Cullen
  • Married

    In July 1895 Marie Curie got married to Pierre Curie.
  • Irene Curie

    Irene Curie
    Marie Curie had her first daughter Irene Curie.
  • New Element

    New Element
    In july 1898 after studying uranium for years in her lab Marie Curie and her husdand created a new element called Polonium.
    Thy named it Polonium in honor of native Poland.
  • Radium

    On 26 December 1898 the Curies announced the existence of a second element, which they named "radium."
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    Marie curie was the first women to win a Nobel Prize.In 1903, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded Pierre Curie, Marie Curie and Henri Becquerel the Nobel Prize in Physics, "in recognition of the extraordinary services they have rendered by their researches on the radiation phenomena discovered by Professor Henri Becquerel."
  • Eve Curie

    Eve Curie
    In December 1904 Marie Curie had her second daughter Eve.
  • Husband Died

    Husband Died
    Pierre was killed on April 19th 1906. He was walking across the Rue Dauphine in heavy rain, he was struck by a horse-drawn vehicle and fell under its wheels and his skull was fractured.
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    In 1911 Marie Curie won a nobel prize in chemistry for creating two new elements called radium and polonium.
  • Firsts

    Marie Curie was the first person to win two nobel Prizes.
  • World War

    World War
    During the world war Marie Curie pushed for the use of mobile radiography units, which came to be popularly known as petites Curies. these where used for the treatment of wounded soilders. they where tubes of radium emanation, a colorless, radioactive gas given off by radium, later identified as radon. These are now known today as X-Ray machines.
  • What Radium Was Used For

    What Radium Was Used For
    Radium was used in self-luminous paints for watches, nuclear panels, aircraft switches, clocks, and instrument dials. Radium was still used for some dials in 1950. This is important to know about because it impacts the world of science around us.
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    Radium and Polonium

  • Health Issues

    Health Issues
    During the 1930s it was found that workers' exposure to radium by handling luminescent paints caused serious health effects which included sores, anemia and bone cancer. This use of radium was stopped soon afterward. This important to the world because know we know that radium can kill you or make you seriously sick.
  • Use of Polonium

    Use of Polonium
    A rare and highly radioactive metalloid, polonium is chemically similar to bismuth and tellurium, and it occurs in uranium ores. Polonium has been studied for possible use in heating spacecraft. This is important to the world around us because it impacts the world of science.
  • Marie Curie's Death

    Marie Curie's Death
    On July 4th 1934 Marie Curie died. She died in Passy, France.
  • Health preventions

    Health preventions
    In the U.S., nasal radium irradiation was also administered to children to prevent middle ear problems or enlarged tonsils from the late 1940s through early 1970s. This is important to know because it is how they cured people back then.