Absolute Brightness

  • Leonard Moves In

    Leonard Moves In
    Enter Leo with his belly shirt, platform flip-flops, periced ears, and pink-and-green plaid capris. Needless to say his cousins and Aunt are suprised to see him, but he is easily accepted by the mom. This bag on the side fits because it is a duffle bag, like what Leonard has. He also is said to have feminine qualities, hence why it is girly.
  • Leo's Money clip was stolen

    Leo's Money clip was stolen
    At this point, Travis steals Leonards money clip from him. The clip was very important to Leo, since it was given to him by his mother. This is where Phoebe and Leo become friends, and Phoebe and Travis' relationship begins. The image shown is a picture of a gold money clip, like what Leo had. It also had money in it, which is why Travis and his friend stole it.
  • Leonard begins working at his Aunt's salon

    Leonard begins working at his Aunt's salon
    Leo begins working at his Aunt's salon, and begins his improvement project. He has the ability of seeing the best qualities in people and helps them if they want it. His Aunt gets more buisness because if this, since Leo's suggestions always work. I chose a manniquin because he would sketch the people and add clothes or hair as he saw fit. For a while, it seemed like everyone was just a mannequin to him.
  • Leonard Gets Chosen To be a Fairy

    Leonard Gets Chosen To be a Fairy
    For the play at school, Leo is chosen to be a fairy. He seems very excited about this and is overjoyed that he got the part. He then starts wearing ankle wights, and at first the family doesn't understand why. Worried for his safety, the girls confront him. I chose a picture of ankle weights for this slide. I decided so because they helped Leo become lighter on his feet after he wore them for a long time and took them off. This helped him with jumping on stage.
  • Leonard Tells A Secret

    Leonard Tells A Secret
    Phoebe finally lets it out that she is upset he hasn't tried to improve her any. She blows up on him and says some mean things until she was stopped by Leo. He tells her that he hasn't tried to improve her any because she was already perfect. This embarresses her greatly because she feels she is the opposite of that. I chose this image because at the time, Phoebe has magenta hair at the time, which is close to purple. Also, the girl is blushing like Phoebe was.
  • Leonard meets a Strange Boy

    Leonard meets a Strange Boy
    After school, Leonard comes home late. Everyone is increadibly worried, because when he gets home, he doesn't have his backpack. He is panting and looks shaken up. He explains he saw a strange boy in an alleyway and got spooked. The boy approched him in a threatening manner, so Leo scrambled, dropping his bag, and ran away. An alleyway is my picture because that is where Leo saw the boy. It is also the last time the boy is mentioned.
  • Leonard goes Missing

    Leonard goes Missing
    Leo suddenly dissapears after practice. Everyone becomes worried, and after going missing for a few days, have you seen me posters start going up. Phoebe's mom's customers begin calling, and soon everyone is trying to find him. I chose a chalk picture not because he was murdered, but because it seems like the person is missing from a photo. And in the book, Leo dissapears from the town and fades away from being the most noticed thing.
  • Leonard's Very Unique Shoe is found on the lakeshore

    Leonard's Very Unique Shoe is found on the lakeshore
    Leo's shoe washes up behind Miss Peggy's house. Thankfully, she reports it to authorites. This is one of the key clues that helps find Leonard. The image is that of a lakeshore with trees visible on the other side because Pheobe mentions seeing them. There are also boats because people at the lake had boats on small docks. Also, Leo's shoe was found on the lake.
  • Leonard is found in the bottom of the lake

    Leonard is found in the bottom of the lake
    Thanks to Miss Peggy and Phoebe, Leonard was found at the bottom of the lake, strapped to an anchor. It was obvious he had been there for a few days, and an expert tied him there. The image connects with the story because Leo was drowned, as is the person in the picture. Also, the water is murky, like a lake would be,
  • Leonard's Funeral

    Leonard's Funeral
    Leonard's funeral takes place just before Travis is suspected of killing him. When Leo worked at his Aunt's hair salon, he had helped bring out the best quality in people, and told the ladies to buy black dresses for parties. I don't think he knew that the first place they would be used was his funeral. That is why I picked a black dress for my image. All of the old ladies he helped wore dresses close to this one, but slightly different.