First semester Timeline

  • Telegraph

  • Homestead Act

    This act gave 160 acres of land to a settlers who had lived on the
    land for five years and paid filing fees.
  • civil war's ending

    The civil war lasted for four years.
  • Transcontinental railroad

    The railroad was completed by the Chinese crew in 12 hours.
  • Boss Tweed

    He created Political cartoons.
  • telephone

  • Battle of Little Bighorn

    Surprisingly, Indians beat the U.s. government.
  • End of Reconstruction

    Both Lincoln and Jonhson followed the radical plan, which is the plan that happened.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    The Chinese Exclusive Act limited immigration and prohibited chinese workers from coming to United States for only 10 years.
  • Time Zones

    The railroad companies divided the country into four time zones.
  • Pendleton Act

    This later established the civil service commission.
  • Dawes Act

    The U.s. governtment abolished Native Americans tribes and made official plan to send Native Americans to schools.
  • Sherman Anti-Trust Act

    This act was supposed to protect against trade and commerce of unlawful monopoly.
  • Battle of Wounded Knee

    This marked the end of armed conflict between Native Americans and whites.
  • Ellis Island

    Before 1892, the East immigrants were processed at castle garden.
  • Model T