• NATO is created

    NATO is created
    NATO stands for the North Alantic Treaty organization, and is a military alliance. NATO was made up of countries in the North Alantic. NATO was created in 1949 in order to make alliances, and to come together as one, and be stronger in a time of war.
  • Nuclear Arms race begin

    Nuclear Arms race begin
    The Nuclear arms race was the race between the united states and the soviet union in making nuclear weapons. This happen because each side wanted more weapons then the other which casued them to make tons of weapons.
  • Chinese civil war

    Chinese civil war
    This was a war in china between the communist and the nationalist. This happened becasue mao's communist wanted to take over. The communist then became sucessful, because they gave false hopes to the peasents of china, which gave support to mao.
  • korean conflict

    korean conflict
    This was a conflict between North Korea and South Korea. This occured because of North Korea wanting to unite with South korea, and instead of going together, the north attacked the south, causing a war. This was later ended in september becasue the United Nations cut of the norths supplys causing them to retreat.
  • vietnam conflict

    vietnam conflict
    This occured when Vietnam was divided in to two halfs, the north and the south. North vietnam was communist, and south vietnam was noncommunist. With vietnam at war the united states believed that Vietnam turning communist would cause a major domino effect, so to prevent the united states enters the vietnam war.
  • Warsaw pact is created

    Warsaw pact is created
    The warsaw pact was created by the soviet union as a respond to the creation of NATO. IT was formed in 1955 and is a military alliance.
  • communist cuba

    communist cuba
    Fidel castro, of cuba, led his guerilla army to victory, which allowed them to take over. They then went to the soviet union for help, and the soviets helped cuba turn in to a communist country. This was then a cause of the cuban missle crisis.
  • Berlin wall

    Berlin wall
    The berlin wall was created by the people of east berlin in 1961, in order to split up the communist in east Berlin and the Democracts in west Berlin.
  • Cuban missile crisis

    Cuban missile crisis
    This was a event that occured in 1962, which was caused by the soviet union sending missiles to cuba. The united states blockaded cuba and made the soviets remove there nuclear missles from cuba. The soviets removed the missliles and war was averted.
  • detente period

    detente period
    This was a period of relaxation of tensions between the soviets and the united states. The united states restrained the soviets through diplomatic agreements rather then military action. This ended in 1979 when the soviets invaded afghanistan.
  • Soviets in Afghanistan

    Soviets in Afghanistan
    This event occured when a Soviet suported Afghan goverment tried to modernize the nation, and Afghan warlords took up arms against the goverment. This caused the soviets to move in on Afghanistan in order to help the goverment modernize the nation.
  • Soviet Union falls

    Soviet Union falls
    This event occured when the Soviets new leader Mikhail Gorbachev, created the glasnost, and the perestroika. These two things made people see what was really going on, and casued economic turmoil. With the reforms failing, and many other countries becomming a democracy, the soviet union empire begins to crumble
  • Eastern European inderpendence

    Eastern European inderpendence
    This event occured because more and more people started to escape East Germany, and head through hungary and Austria in to West Germany. This caused East Germany to lose power, which eventually in 1989, caused many european countries to move from a communist goverment, to a democracy.