First Semester Review

  • The Invention of the Telegraph

  • The Homestead Act Passed

    The Homestead Act gave 160 free acres of land to a settler who lived on the land for five years and paid a filing fee.
  • The Civil War

    Because of the billions of dollars (mostly in the south) and more than 600,000dead soldiers, the Civil War was the most devestating conflict in American history.
  • Battle of Little Big Horn

    The Battle of Little Big Horn happened on the Black Hills because gold was suppposedly there and "white people"went on the indean's land to get it.
  • Time Zones Are Created

    Timezones were created when the Transcontinental railroad was made because of how long it took to get from one side of the continent to the other.
  • The Transcontinental Railroad

    Along with many other things the Transcontinental railroad created timezones.
  • The Invention of the Telephone

  • Reconstruction ended

    Reconstruction went on for a long time but it ended around the time of the Compromise of 1877.
  • The Chinese Exclusion Act

    Th Chinese Exclusion Act was passed to prohibit workers from entering the United States for ten years.
  • The Pendleton Act Passed

    The Pendleton Act placed most government employees on the merit system.
  • The Dawes Act

    The Dawes Act hoped to illiminate lack of private property and the nomatic tradition, the "two weaknesses of Native American life".
  • The Sherman Anti Trust Act

    The Sherman Anti Trust Act was passed "to protect trade and commerce against unlawful restraint and monopoly".
  • The Battle of Wounded Knee

    U.S. troops surrounding the Sioux chief Big Foot and 350 of his followers on the banks of Wounded Knee creek were charged with the responsibility of arresting Big Foot and disarming his warriors and the scene was tense.
  • Ellis Island Opens

    Ellis Island was an imigrant station that that "evaluated" imigrants to see if they were aloud in the U.S.
  • The Invention of the Model T

  • Boss Tweed jailed

    Boss Tweed was imprisioned because he waws thought to have stolen between $40 million and $200 million.