Earth 1

3, Hobson Nguyen, History of Earth

  • (5 billion years ago) Solar System

    (5 billion years ago) Solar System
    Our solar system was a swirling mass of gas and dust. Over time, most of this material was pulled together by gravity and formed the sun. The remaining gas, dust, and debris circled the young sun.
  • (4.6 billion years ago) Planets

    (4.6 billion years ago) Planets
    Earth grew larger while gravity drew in more debris. the estimated age of Earth is over 4 billion years. The collisions between Earth and space debris also released a great deal of theral energ. some collisions would have released enough energy to melt large portions of Earht's surface.
  • (4 billion years ago) Growth of Earth

    (4 billion years ago) Growth of Earth
    The oldest known rocks and crystals appear. Also some organic molecules may have began to appear.
  • (3.5 billion years ago) Fossils

    (3.5 billion years ago) Fossils
    Fossils of the onced lived Stromatolites lived on the Earth.
  • (3 billion years ago) Photosynthetic

    (3 billion years ago) Photosynthetic
    Forms of life on Earth now had become Photosynthetic. Probably to adapt to the Earth to survive.
  • (2.2 billion years ago) Earth

    (2.2 billion years ago) Earth
    Earth now appears as it does today.
  • (2 billion years ago) Oxygen

    (2 billion years ago) Oxygen
    Oxygen levels are the same as the oxygen level as today.
  • (1.5 billion years ago) Endosymbiosis

    (1.5 billion years ago)  Endosymbiosis
    Smaller prokayotes that are aerobic had begun living in larger prokaryotes that are anaerobic and had begun reproducing in the larger one. The process of this is called Endosymbiosis.
  • (1 billion years ago) Ozone

    (1 billion years ago) Ozone
    The Ozone layer was formed also known as O3. It protected organisms from harmful UV rays so they could live on land.
  • (1600-1700) Francesco Redi

    (1600-1700) Francesco Redi
    Francesco Redi created an experiment with meat to show to disprove the theory of spontaneous generation.
  • (1700-1800) Lazzaro Spallanzani

    (1700-1800) Lazzaro Spallanzani
    Lazzaro Spallanzani designed an experiment to disprove spontaneous generation and “vital force” by boiling broth and then sealing it.
  • (1800-1900) Louis Pasteur

    (1800-1900) Louis Pasteur
    Louis Pasteur disproved the theory of spontaneous generation based off of Spallanzani’s experiment
  • (1900-Present) Stanley Miller and Harold Urey

    (1900-Present) Stanley Miller and Harold Urey
    Stanley Miller and Harold Urey set up and experiment using gasses and lightning, producing numerous organic compounds