Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

  • Birthday!

    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, saint palm Minnesota
  • First story!

    First story!
    He published this story, his first at the age of 13. He published it on his school newspaper in the St. Paul Academy. (Date published not specified)
  • The Influencer

    Apparently Fitzgerald found his first love at Princeton in 1915, Ginevra King. These two dated for a while before unfortunately parting ways. She became a major influence on his future female characters.
  • Princeton University

    Princeton University
    During his time at Princeton Fitzgerald had written many musicals and published a lot in the Princeton magazine. He focused so much on his writing that unfortunately his grades were the ones suffering. Thus after only 3 years at college he was kicked out and forced to join the army.
    (Day not specified)
  • Meeting his Wife!

    Meeting his Wife!
    He met his wife when he was in the army, never taken over seas but stationed down in Tamp Sheridan, near where is future wife, Zelda lived. At first she wouldn’t commute to the relationship because she wasn’t sure if he had enough money to support the both of them.
  • Discharge/moving

    In 1919, Fitzgerald was discharged from the army and moved to New York, City. Only after one year of being discharged he published his first novel, This Side of Paradise. Immediately becoming a bestseller Scott asked Zelda to marry him. Not long after they had a daughter together.
  • Daughter!

    After only one year of being married Zelda and Francis had their first and only daughter, Frances Scott "Scottie" Fitzgerald.
  • Best Known

    Best Known
    In 1924 Fitzgerald moved to France to help pump his creative juices. After only 1 year of being in France he published one of his most known novels to this day. The Great Gatsby. Gatsby became a lifestyle almost, it was very influential.
  • BFF 👯‍♂️

    BFF 👯‍♂️
    While in France Fitzgerald runs into his future bff Ernest Hemingway. Who he’d been talking about earlier trying to figure out who exactly he was.
  • Losing the Wife

    Losing the Wife
    Zelda’s mental health unfortunately started to decline and she had her first breakdown in 1930. Not long after she was placed in an institution in Switzerland, which Fitzgerald paid for. Over time they became estranged and didn’t talk much.
  • Ouch.

    Even though Fitzgerald wrote 178 stories publishing them in multiple different magazines such as the EveningPost, there were still some stories that just didn’t quite make it, such as Tender is the night.
  • The decline

    The decline
    As time went on Fitzgerald started suffering from alcoholism and depression. He was quite jealous of his friends who kept getting bigger such as, Ernest Hemingway, got ,ore successful and he seemed to disappear. He came to Hollywood in 1937 to make some quick money and continue to write what he wanted which was novels.
  • Failing Career

    Having lost his MGM contract in December 1938, Fitzgerald spends this 12 months bouncing among freelance gigs in Hollywood and bouts along with his alcoholism. In January he works in short on gone With the Wind. In February he gets a task on a production called winter Carnival however is fired for drunkenness and is hospitalized in new york. some other bender in April requires More hospitalization.
  • Death.

    Half way through his final novel, The Last Tycoon, aka the love of the last tycoon, he suffered from a heart attack leaving his work unfinished.
  • The Last Tycoon

    The Last Tycoon
    Even though Fitzgerald had died almost a year earlier his final halfway done piece, The Last Tycoon, is still published in remembrance to him.