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  • (5BYA)

    The Solar System Began to Form (a swirling mass of gass and dust)
  • (4.6BYA)

    Earth Began to Form (grew by colliding with space and debris)
  • (4BYA)

    The Estimated Age of Earth
    Archea, a group of organishs which can thrive under harsh conditions, are formed
  • (3.5BYA)

    Lyghbya, which can grow in colonies and form structurs called stromatolites, are formed.
  • (3BYA)

    Cyanobacteria are formed, they can carry out photosynthesis
  • (2.2BYA)

    Earth appeared much as it does today
  • (2BYA)

    O2 levels reached today's levels
  • (2BYA-1.5BYA)

    Endosymbiosis: The theory of how the first eukaryote cells were formed
  • (1600s-1900s)

    -Francisco Redi proved flies do not spring up from meat
    -First microscope made by Robert Hooke
    -Lorenzo Spallanazzi retested spontaneous generation with flasks
    -Pastuers expierement modified from Spallanzis proves spontaneous gneration a myth
    -Radiometric dationg is used to find the half-life of materials and thus determine how long the have been present
    -Oparin proposed gasses, when heated at high prseeures, could have formed simple organic compunds
  • (1900s-present)

    -Urley+Miller set up an exiriment to text Oparin's hypothesis and it was proven true
    -Sidney Fox did extensive research on the structres that gave rise to cells
    -Cech found RNA can act as a chemical catalyst
    -Lynn proposed early prokaryotic cells could have formed a mutually benefical relationship