• chinese Civil War

    the japan's defeats communst forces by Mao Zedong. Mao zedong fought a civil war against nationalists headed by Jiang Jieshi. Mao's forces swept to victories and set up the people's republic of china. then after decades od struggle china was finally under communist control.
  • Nuclear Arms Race

    after WWII the united state was the only nuclear power. by 1949 the soviet union had also developed nuclear weapons. by 1953 both countrys had developed hydrogen bombs they where the most powerfull. the balance of terror between united state and the soviet union they had enough bombs to kill us and we had enough to kill them. the terror stoped us from fighting but both countrys where scare.
  • NATO

    Neto, North Atlantic Treaty Organization was a new military alliance formed by the united states Canada and ten other countries. they formed nato to help eachother out in case they were attacked.
  • Korean Conflict

  • Communist Cuba

    in 1950 fidel castro organized an armed rebellion against the corrupt dictator who the ruled Cuba. then by 1950 fidel castrol had led his guerrilla army to victory and set transforming the country the transforming is known as the Cuban revolution
  • Warsaw Pact

    The warsaw Pact was a military alliance formed by soviet Union and seven Eastern European communist countrys. the soviet Union formed to be in control of the other countrys. the warsaw pact divided Europe into comunist and non communts
  • berlin wall

    Germany build the wall to stop east germans from trying to get away. The wall show that workers where enjoying a communist paradiese had to be forcibly kept from fleeing. it was build from congrest and it the top it had wire and patrolls
  • Missile Crisis

    in 1962 the soviet union send nuclear missiles to Cuba.kennedy attend to the soviet union to remove its nuclear middiles from cubas then for a few tense days the world had to face a risk of nuclear war over the issues. then finally the soviet premier nikita khrushchev agreed to remove the soviet misslie and the war was averted.
  • Detente

    the detente was relaxation of tensions between united state and the soviet union. the united state talk to the soviet union rader then using military means to keep the soviet union from lunching the nuclear weapons on the united state it ended on 1979 because the soviets invaded Afghanastan.