2D.McConnell Cold War

  • Korean Conflict

    Korean Conflict
    Korea was taken over by japan in the 20 century but then were defeated during ww2 so the american and soviet forces split korea into two Koreas north and south. After the split both leaders wanted to rule the entire korea so north korea attacked in june and over ran most of south korea which got the un or united nations involved into the conflict, Soon troops were sent to help the south koreans in the fight. China then saw the UN helping south korea so they sent troops to help the north koreans.
  • NATO

    The NATO alliance is the North Atlantic Treaty Organization which is a group of countries that will fight together incase of an attack by the soviet union.
  • Chinese civil war

    Chinese civil war
    In 1949 the chinese Military triumphed most of northern china. Mao started the communist group which took over and people supported the communist so the nationalist went down and had hard times. They had the great leap which wad that everybody would help agriculter and industry. After the agriculture went up it went straight back down to a down fall then back up again. Teenagers soon started forming the Red guards and really going around beating up the people that were succesful.
  • Korea split

    Korea split
    After the stalemate Korea was still split and the governments on each side tried to boost economy to help. South Korea slowly rebuilt its economy and had leapt ahead. Most of the Koreans wanted to see both sides come together to form Korea.
  • Period: to

    Nuclear war

    The nuclear war happened after wwII thats when the united states wad the only country to have the atomic bomb. The soviets were develpoing the atomic bomb as well. Soon both sides wanted to blow each other up but didnt. Soon the U.S.A and the USSR finally had a agreement of not firing on each other and made the agreement called SALT.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    The warsaw pact is to improve military coordination of the communist countries. Soviet union dominates the organization by sending troops to other countries.
  • Berlin wall

    Berlin wall
    Berlin was a major key in the cold war so they split Berlin into 2 sides which was the the democratic west side and the communist east side. the wall was put up so the east side people couldnt go to the west side. to cross to the other side u had to go through a check point to make sure people were not sneaking over.
  • Cuban crisis

    Cuban crisis
    In cuba there is a guy named fidel Castro who wanted to become power. So he went to guerrilla warfare which led him to power and he made changes. Later the next year the Soviets sent missles to cuba to fire on the US for being 90 miles away. JFK sent a naval blockade so cuba couldnt get any more missles.
  • Vietnam War

    Vietnam War
    When america enters the vietnam war its because of the domino theory that if one country goes communist they all might. North vietnamese were being funded to overthrow south vietnam government. The US sent supplies to help the south at first then it sent thousands of troops over. The south conducted raids on the north so the north attack one of the US ships called the Maddox which they though assisted the raids.
  • Vietnam War 2

    Vietnam War 2
    On august 7 1964 Congress said that the president can take any action to prevent any further aggression in southeast asia. When that happend the US started bombing the north and more than 500,000 troops were sent over to help. While the US was helping the south the soviets and Chinese were helping the north by sending aid but no troops.
  • Vietnam war Ends

    In america during the war many people were ok for the war and some were against the war so people would go do demonstations in the streets to show there affection to the war. In the end american leaders gave up and had to get out of vietnam because some of the conflict back at the US. in january 1973 the paris peace accord was signed this was said cease fire or halt in fighting. After the americans left vietnam the north saw its advantge and took over the south vietnam.
  • Soviets in afganistan

    The soviet union started a long war with afganistan because the afgan government was friends withe the soviets and the afgan government was trying to change the nation but the people didnt like it. Landlord who commanded armed men charged against the government and thats when the soviets stepped in to try to help. The US started sending weapons to the freedom fighters to help like the stinger missle.