2D Annimation Timeline

By BakzE17
  • The Magic Lantern

    The Magic Lantern
    the magic lantern was the first addition to what we call now a projector, this was specifically used for horror. in 1650 they would creat scary picures and convince people they are witnessing the supernatural. this was seen portrayed on an adjacent flat surface
  • Thaumatrope

    This was a straight forward toy used in the victorian era, this is small disk or circle, with two pictures attatched to each side, and a bunch of strings attatched in the middle. when the strings are twisted rapidly between the fingers, two images appear as if they have combined and formed one picture.
  • Phenakistoscope (1831)

    Phenakistoscope (1831)
    This is an annimation device which consists of a disk and a bunch of images. there are slots in each disk, but they are at different distance to the centre of the disk. this would be placed in front of a mirror and spun, the only way a person cans ee if he looks through the slots and is only visible when it passes past the viewers eye, this began the illusion of annimation.
  • Zoetrope

    this is a cyclindricle object which spins and contains many frames of annimation. around the side of this objects there are little wholes where viewers can observe this from. the advantage for this is that you do not need to spin it in front of a mirror as the illusion takes places without it being seen from the reflection of the mirror.
  • Praxinoscope

    This annimation was expanded on through phenakistoscope, this was a better and expanded version of this, causing the master of illusion in its best form through annimation. the mirrors were still in the centre where the rings where the spinning ring of slots and drawring so that the image can be can be seen clearly
  • Theatre optique

    Theatre optique
    This was a show that use to take place on a regular basis every weekend, there will be a project of moving images, which the viewers can see a stage show, this caused an illusion because of the fact that the images would appear to move
  • Cinemaqtograph

    This is a motion picture camera, also used for projectors and developer. this was used in order to create something like a fiom, or movie, which invludes many frames of pictures, this was all displayed on a projector screen.
  • arthur melbourn cooper

    arthur melbourn cooper
    He was a film maker, who involved stop motion annimation of wired together matches writing a call to action on a blackboard.
  • Special effects

    Special effects
    special effects was mostly used in films, this was a trick that was shown to the eye of a human, which would make them beleive that something is happening when it really isnt. in films, they would make it appear that a person if flying when in reality they are actually not.
  • stop motion

    stop motion
    This is a form of annimation which made physical objects appear to move. the object is moved in small increaments between photographed frames. with the series of pictures this caused the illusion of movement. Dolls or clay made objects where appeared to be moving by stop motion, which was a cause of entertainment for kids.
  • Cel Annimation

    Cel Annimation
    Cel which is the abbriviation for Celluloid, this is a transparrent sheet where objects are drown with paint on a pen or pencil for a traditional han drawn animation.
  • RotoScoping

    This animation technique was popular in the 1915's where people would draw over footage frame by frame which is a long process but would turn out to be succesful at making and creating the animation.
  • Live Action and Animation

    Live Action and Animation
    live action and animation consist of animation and live actors, the actors were used instead of a film recorded from before, two compliment the acotrs a landscape animation was used for background purposes, this worked in a similar way to a stage show
  • Drawing On To Film

    Drawing On To Film
    This is an animation technique which was used over a recording, so a video footage will not be recorded, however it will be animated frame by frame to make a footage
  • Flip book (1968)

    Flip book (1968)
    A Flip book is a book full of empty pages waiting to be written on. there is a image printed on each page near the edge of each page, the viewer will see one page bend the book and then release other pages really quick but one page at a time, this will make it appear that one still image is moving or doing something which is created. Flip book was a motivation for annimation film makers, as they would expand on a flip book.
  • Jurassic Park

    Jurassic Park
    Jurassic park was the first film of its kind to use computer based annimation, this left the world stunned at what it showed. this film showed via annimations through the computer that there was these creatures which existed way before our time. this showed dinassours moving around and walking as a form of computer annimation.