2A. Burkholder Cold War!

  • Nuclear Arms Race and Detene

    Nuclear Arms Race and Detene
    1949 Soviet Union developed nuclear weapons, in 1953 both side developed hydrogen bombs, more destructive than the atomic bomb. 1969 U.S. and the Soviet Union began SALT to limit the number of nuclear weapons held by each side. 1972 - 1979 both sides signed agreements setting these limits. One of the agreements limited ABM's or missiles from hostile countries. Ronald Reagan launched a program to build star wars missile defense against nuclear attack both sides signed that START treaty in 1991.
  • N.A.T.O.

    North Atlantic Treaty Organization is known as N.A.T.O.
  • Chinese Civil War

    Communists grew because poor people got help that usually were ignored and the got to be landlord free when living somewhere. Pro-Communist people hoped the new government would build a New China and end a foreign domination. The new government discouraged the practice of Buddhism, Confucianism, and other Chinese beliefs. The Great Leap Forward failed, people were killed.
  • Chinese Civil War: Part Two

    During the Chinese Civil War, people were killed, Farmland was neglected, there were many food shortages, 55 million people had died between 1959 - 1961. Cultrual Revolution was a bad time. Schools and factories were closed, the economy slowed, civil war threatened, workers and managers were forced to leave their jobs to do manual labor on rural farms, or in labor camps.
  • Berlin Wall

    Berlin Wall
    Berlin was a key focus to Cold War tensions. It was split into two sections, West Berlin who were democratics, and East Berlin who were communists. West Berlin became a showcase for West German prosperity in the 1950s. Massive amounts of people from east Berlin fled into West Berlin. East Berliners were unhappy with communism. East Germany built a wall in 1961 dividing East and West Berlin. The wall was made from concrete, on top of it had barber wire, and the walls were patrolled by guards.
  • Communist Cuba and Missile Crisis

    1950's Fidel Castro organized an armed rebellion against the corrupt dictator who then ruled Cuba. Cuban Revolution, restricted freedom, got help from Soviet Union, people were jailed or silenced, and some fled to Florida. U.S tried to help Cubans, John F. Kennedy supported invasion, "The Bay of Pigs' is what it's called. Invaders were caught when trying to enter. A trade with Cuba to stop war remains in effect till today. Soviet Union sent clear missiles to Cuba, naval blockades were built.
  • Vietnam Conflict

    Ho Chi Minh remained dertermined to unite Vietmnam under the communist rule. Communist rebels trying to overthrow South Vietnam's government. America faced a guerrilla war. Rebels in South Vietnam tended to be local peasants, they knew their coutryside much better then Americans. Supplies for guerrillas came from the north, following trails that wound throug the jungles of neighboring Cambodia and Laos. American aircraft and ground troops crossed the borders of these nations drawing them to war.
  • Vietnam Conflict 2

    Despite massive American support, South Vietnam failed to defeat the communist guerrillas and their North Vietnamese allies. In 1968 guerrilla forces came out and attacked American forces and South Vietnamese forces in cities across the south.
  • Soviet Union Falls