By meko2
  • first telephone

    first telephone
    The first telephone ever made was made by Alexander Graham Bell in March 10, 1876.The first words said through the telephone by Bell was "Mr. Watson come here I want to see you." How the first telephnone worked was electric signals are sent as sound. The different tones used would change the ammount of strength of an electric current in a wire.
  • candlestick phone

    candlestick phone
    The inventor was Almon Strowger of the candlestick telephone. this is an important upgrade to the telephone. It was important because it eas the first telephone that had a dial on it. All of the phone in the time you had to get the operater to connect you to the person you wanted to call.
  • Model 102 telephones

    Model 102 telephones
    This was the first handset telephone. This was also one of the first desk phones. This was an important upgrade to the telrphone because it was the first handset telephone. This means the phone part the you talk and listen to is one piece. All the earlier phones were you talk and listen intothem are two different parts.
  • Push Button Telephones

    Push Button Telephones
    The push button telephone was invented because operators only answered the phones when ever they felt like it. The operators also had to have a good memory to remember which people went in which plugs. Many Americans owned telephones meaning they had to hire more operators to keep up. They decided to make a telephone that connected you straight to the person you want to talk to.
  • First cell phone

    First cell phone
    The inventor of the first cell phone was Martin Copper.This is an important upgrade of the telephone. This made the telephone wireless. It made it so you can talk on the go. It took the hassle of wires away.
  • I Phone 3G

    I Phone 3G
    the i pod is the most new and up to date phones. It is like a camera, video camera, GPS, phone,and a computer. It has all these features to make life easier. This is a great upgrade for all of the phones in the past. It is more than just a phone. It has apps that you can buy which adds new things to the phone. This means the phone just keeps getting better.