the History of the Telephone

  • First Telephone is Invented

    First Telephone is Invented
    The first telephone is invented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. It is the first form of communication where audio voices are transmitted electrically, and can be heard through the device from a distance.
    *FUN FACT- Alexander Graham Bell wasn’t the only person trying to invent a telephone! He also had a competitor, Elisha Gray, who rushed his design of the telephone to the patent office within a few hours after Bell.
  • The Bell Telephone Company

    The Bell Telephone Company
    The Bell Telephone Company is born, and they share stock with the seven original shareowners. This company eventually becomes what is known today as AT&T.
  • World Communication

    World Communication
    The first "exchange" outside of the United States was in London, England in 1879. This later led to the invention of the rotary dial phone in 1923 by Antoine Barnay, who was from France. Now in modern days, communication with the telephone is possible all over the world.
  • AT&T's First Telephone Line

    AT&T's First Telephone Line
    AT&T comes into business to handle long distance communications. By the end of this year, AT&T completes their first line, connecting telephone lines between New York and Philadelphia. The line could only hold one call at a time.
  • First Mobile Phone is Invented

    First Mobile Phone is Invented
    AT&T's research center (Bell Laboratories) introduced the idea of mobile telephones in 1947. It was not completed until 1973 by Martin Cooper. The mobile phone allowed people to carry their phone with them and still have communication wirelessly. The phone was called the Motorola Dyna- Tac. Its measurements were 9 x 5 x 1.75 inches and it weighed 2.5 pounds. It had no display screen, you only had 35 minutes to talk and it needed 10 hours to fully charge.
  • Telephones Today

    Telephones Today
    Telephones today are very high tech, and new ones are invented everyday. They are equipped with cameras now, (camera phones) touch buttons for dialing numbers, and come in much smaller sizes. Phones have been even more modernized with touch screens, texting capabilities, app use, internet access and music compatibility.