Diana Spencer ~Sharifa~

By grade5b
  • Diana was born

    Diana was born
    Diana was bron in Sandringham, Norfolk, UK on the 1st of July 1961
  • Perants Separation

    Perants Separation
    Dianas perants separated on 1961
  • Dianas Education

    Dianas Education
    Diana begun her education at West Health School.
  • Dianas Marriage

    Dianas Marriage
    Diana go married to Princes Charles
  • Dianana First Son

    Dianana First Son
    Diana gave birth to her first son on 21,July,1982 he was named Willam
  • Diana's Second Son

    Diana's Second Son
    Diana gave birth to her second child on September,15,1984 he was named Henrry
  • Diana Separation

    Diana and princed Charles sepetated
  • Dianas Death

    Lady Diana died in a car accesdent in Pairs