Thomas Edison

By grade5d
  • birth of Thomas Edison

    birth of Thomas Edison
    Thomas Edison was born in 1847 milan ohio he was the seventh child of his family. but most of them died surviving child hood.
    His surviving brother and sisters were much older than him.
  • started school

    started school
    Thomas edison started school at the age of 8 but got kicked out of school because he was allways asking questions. His mom taught him after that He started school late because of the scarlet feaver .
  • First invention

    First invention
    Thomas Edisons first invention was a a stock printer in was his first succesfull invention
  • Married

    Thomas edison married Mary Stilwill they had three children that were called Marion Estelle Edison Thomas Alva Edison jr and
    William Leslie Edison.
  • Faviorite Invention

    Faviorite Invention
    One of Thomas Edisons faviorite inventions is a phonograph peple were amazed of how it worked
  • light bulb invented!

    Thomas Edison was impressed with his light bulb in 1879 his whole lab was full of light bulbs
  • Wife dies

    Wife dies
    Thomas Edisons wife Mary Sitwell died in 1884.
  • Remarries

    Thomas Edison Remarried Mina Miller she was 19 years old and had 3 children. Madeline edison Charles Edison and Theodore Edison. Charles Edison took over the company after his fathers death.
  • Fathers death

    Fathers death
    Thomas Edisons father died in 1896 in ontrio cananda
  • Thomas Edisons death

    Thomas Edisons death
    Thomas Edison died of a coma.He got a coma on october 14 1931 and died on october 18 1931