History of New Zealand

  • James Cook

    James Cook, British explorer, makes his first visit to New Zealand. He claims parts of the country in the name of King George III.
  • Dumont d'Urville


    Dumont d'Urville leads his own expedition and charts large sections of New Zealand's coastline in detail for the first time. Te Rauparaha commences his invasion of the South Island, from Kapiti Coast.
  • Declaration of Independence

    1835 Declaration of Independence by the United Tribes of New Zealand, signed by 34 northern Chiefs.
  • The New Zealand Association


    The New Zealand Association is formed in London. It becomes the The New Zealand Company in 1839. Son of French escapees from the French Revolution, Baron Charles Philippe Hippolyte de Thierry returns to New Zealand with a group of French colonists, after having bought land from Hokianga chiefs.
  • Ruapekapeka.

    1846 The wars in the north end with the taking of Ruapekapeka.
  • Māori King

    1853 Tamihana Te Rauparaha and Matane Te Whiwhi propose the idea of a Māori King.
  • Gold

    1859 Gold discovered in Buller.
  • Māori resistance


    Auckland streets lit by gas for the first time. Māori resistance continues.
  • Te Kooti Arikirangi and Titokowaru.

    1868 Māori resistance continues under the leadership of Te Kooti Arikirangi and Titokowaru.
  • Mount Tarawera.


    The eruption of Mount Tarawera. Oil discovered in Taranaki.