• Events of 893

    White planter revolt in Hawaii
    Cleveland refuses Hawaii annexation
  • Cubans revolt

    Cubans revolt against Spain
  • Events of 1898

    Maine explosion in Havana harbor
    Spanish-American War
    Teller Amendment
    Dewey's victory at Manila Bay
    Hawaii annexed
  • Events of 1899

    Senate ratifies treaty acquiring Philippines
    Aguinaldo launches rebellion against US in the Philippines
    First American Open Door policy
  • Events of 1900

    Hawaii receives full territorial status
    Foraker Act for Puerto Rico
    Boxer Rebellion and US military expedition ro China
    Second Open Door Policy
    McKinly defeats Bryan for president
  • Events of 1901

    Supreme court Insular Cases
    Platt Amendment
    McKinley assasinated, Roosevelt becomes president
    Filipino rebellion suppressed
    Hay-Pauncefote Treaty with Britain gives US right to build Panama Canal
  • Events of 1902

    US troops leave Cuba
    Colombian senate rejects US proposal for canal across Panama
  • Evnets of 1902

    Commission system established in Galveston, TX
    Progressive Robert la Follette elected governor of Wisconsin
    American socialist party formed
  • Events of 1903

    Panamanian revolution against Colombia
    Hay-Bunau-Varilla Treaty gives US control of Canal Zone in newly independent Panama
  • Events of 1903

    Department of Commerce and Labor established
    Elkins Act
    Women's Trade Union League founded
  • Events of 1904

    Northern Securities case
    Roosevelt defeats Alton B. for presidency
  • Events of 1905

    US takes over DR custom service
    Roosevelt mediates Russo-Japanese peace treaty
  • Events of 1906

    San Francisco Japanese education crisis
    Roosevelt arranges Algeciras Conference
  • Events of 1906

    Hepburn Act
    Upton Sinclair published The Jungle
    Meat Inspection Act
    Pure Food and Drug Act
  • 1907

    Roosevelt panic
  • Events of 1908

    Muller vs. Oregon
    Taft defeats Bryan for presidecy
    Aldrich-Vreeland Act
  • 1909

    Payne-Aldrich Tariff
  • Events of 1911

    Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire
    Standard Oil antitrust case
    US Steel Corporation antitrust suit
    CA grant women suffrage
  • Events of 1912

    Taft wins Republican nomination over Roosevelt
    AZ, KA,OR grant women suffrage
    Children's Bureau established in Department of Labor
  • Events of 1913

    17th Amendment passed
    Federal Reserve Act
    San Fran decides to buoild Hetch Hetchy Reservoir
  • Events of 1913

    Underwood Tariff Act
    16th Amendement
    Federal Reserve Act
    Huerta takes power in MX
  • Events of 1914

    Clayton Antitrust Act
    Federal Trade Commission established
    US serizes port of Veracruz, Mexico
  • Events of 1915

    La Follette Seaman's Act
    Lusitania toredoed and sunk by German U-boat
    US marines sent to Haiti
    Germany declares submarine war area around British Isles
  • Events of 1916

    US exports to European belligerents skyrockets
    Workingmen's Compensation Act
    Federal Farm Loan Act
    Warehouse Act
    Adamson Act
    Pancho Villa raids NM
    Brandeis appointed to Supreme Court
    Jones Act
    US Marines send to SR
    Wilson defeats Hughes for presidency