6th period Atomic timeline

By bg1193
  • 400


    First one to know that there was an atom
  • John Dalton(Brittany)

    John Dalton(Brittany)
    Came up with atomic theory's
  • Dmitri Mendeleev(brittany)

    Dmitri Mendeleev(brittany)
    He created the periodic table
  • James Maxwell(brittany)

    James Maxwell(brittany)
    Created an dynamic theory of elements
  • George Johnstone Stoney (keyaira)

    George Johnstone Stoney (keyaira)
    Coins the word "electron" as a fundamental unit of charge
  • JJ Thompson(keyaira)

    JJ Thompson(keyaira)
    Showed that Cathode rays are composed of electrons and who measured the ratio of change to mass for the electron.
  • Ernest Rutherford(khala)

    Ernest Rutherford(khala)
    Ernest thought of the atom having a central positive nucleus surrounded by negative orbiting electrons.
  • Niels Bohr

    Niels Bohr
    He classified that electrons travel in stationary orbits defined by their angular momentum and electrons have the lowest level.
  • H.G.J. Moseley

    H.G.J. Moseley
    Description- He argued that the x-rays should depend on the charge on the nucleus . So that means the atomic number was equal to the positive charge.
  • Schrodinger

    He contributed my developing the mathematics description that describe the paths of electrons would most likely follow in their orbits around nucleus
  • James Chadwick(khala)

    James Chadwick(khala)
    James Chadwick proved the atomic nucleus contained a neutral particle which had been proposed.