The key Slashers

  • Psycho

    This film is said to be what ignited the main craze for slasher films. This was a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock., who then went on and produced many other, high quality movies. Psycho involves 'Norman Bates', a very deluded man, dressed as his mother. He kills several people along his way. This film also includes one of the most iconic soud effects (The Zinger), when the death occurs as the detective walks up the stairs.
  • The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    A slasher film which was supposed to be based on true events about a group that get stranded out in the open and get tourmented by a stranger that is known as 'Leatherface'. To me this is a very creepy and deep slasher as the cosyume used by 'Leatherface' is to hide the identity, like many others, although which contributes to this is the actions he uses. This is very effective as it adds to the twisted mind of a slasher.
  • Black Christmas

    This was also another film which was said to start of the craze which became slasher. This film as about a stalker, who one-by-one kills people in a Sorrity.
  • Halloween

    Another one of the most iconic slasher films around. It took the term 'stalker' to a new height. Michael Myers escapes from a psychiatric ward and goes on the hunt of the teenage girl Lorrie. This film includes talented music which adds to the tension building, it is usually kept on a piano and monotone drones. Many P.O.V. shots have been used to try and get the sense that you are watching the stalker. It also includes the sense of 'supernatural' powers.
  • Prom Night, The Shinning and Friday The 13th

    These are again more films that have been able to contribute to the effectivness which Slasher have become. These films have now began to focus on the killing of innocent teens and familes. These fillms all have aspects which make them effective. Friday The 13th includes the advancments on technology as death sequences began to flourish from the film.
  • A Nightmare On Elm Street

    A Nightmare On Elm Street
    This film for me is one of the better slasher films. It carries a truely original concept about tapping into the 'dream world' and killing from there. This then also includes the aspects of 'supernatural' features, which we find becoming more common in films through a later date. Personally I feel that Halloween trickered that concpet off. This is where we have again seen the advancement in mise-en-scene, especially in make up, as Freddy Krueger has the burns accross this face.
  • Scream

    Scream was a film, where it pushed the boundries between Slasher and comedy, so could be classed as a Black Comedy? The film also plays on the boundries of the slasher being unstoppable, as the teens all seem to stop him in some way and give a good fight. However, being a slasher, many teens are killed in this film. All slasher appear to follow some hidden rules, all people who do things underage, illegally, seem to be the ones who get killed.
  • 21st Century Slashers

    Slashers that have appeard in the 21st century have all taken an even more advanced role in the thechnological side. Sound has increaed and the suspense that we find in films has become far greater than what it was 30 years ago. This could be to do with research and styles of sound effect different peoples emotions? Also, Slashers have appeared to have been remade improved on. However this is not always the case and some films have declined and failed, i.e. the 'Psycho' remake.