First permanent image

By 7176aw
  • First permanant image

    First permanant image
    French inventor Joseph Nicéphore Niépce uses a camera obscura to burn a permanent image of the countryside
  • first picture of a person

    first picture of a person
    French painter and chemist Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre photographs a Paris street scene from his apartment window
  • first one to capture an ariel view image

    first one to capture an ariel view image
    Felix Tournachonwas the first one to capture an ariel view image
  • first color picture

    first color picture
    The enormously influential Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell creates a rudimentary color image by superimposing onto a single screen three black-and-white images each passed through three filters—red, green, and blue.
  • first action photo

    first action photo
    English photographer Eadweard Muybridge, using new emulsions that allow nearly instantaneous photography, begins taking photograph sequences that capture animals and humans in motion.
  • first underwater picture

    first underwater picture
    Ichthyologist William Longley and National Geographic staff photographer Charles Martin use an Autochrome camera and a raft full of explosive magnesium flash powder to illuminate the shallows of Florida's Dry Tortugas and make the first undersea color photographs. The photos, which show reef scenes with fish, are published in the January 1927 National Geographic.
  • first color magazine

    first color magazine
    For its July 1943 issue, National Geographic spruces up its normally staid yellow-and-white cover with a photo of a billowing American flag. The decision was made after a wartime plea by the U.S. Treasury Department for all major magazines to print a flag on their June or July covers, hoping to encourage the purchase of war bonds.
  • first picture taken oterspace

    first picture taken oterspace
    Researchers with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory strap a 35-millimeter camera to a German V-2 missile and launch it into space from White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico
  • picture of the night sky

    picture of the night sky
    National Geographic teams up with the California Institute of Technology for the Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, a seven-year project to produce the first photographic map of the Northern Hemisphere's night sky.
  • first digital still camera

    first digital still camera
    Kodak releases the first commercially available, professional digital camera in 1991. This device, extremely expensive and marketed to professional photographers, uses a Nikon F-3 camera body fitted with a digital sensor.