20th Amendment

  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln
    On this date Abraham Lincoln had to wait 4 months before he could deal with succesion and the great succesion appropriatly.
  • the 20th amendment was proposed

    the 20th amendment was proposed
    On this date the 20th amendment was proposed.
  • Period: to

    lame duck time span

    On this time-span was the 'lame duck' situation. The Lame duck conflct almost stopped the United States economy.
  • Ratification of the 20th amendment

    Ratification of the 20th amendment
    The 20th amendment shortened the time between presidential election and inauguration by designating January 20 as inauguration day: set January 3rd as the date for the opening of a new congress.
  • Assasination attempt

    Assasination attempt
    on this date Giuseppe Zangara tried to assasinate Franklin D. Roosevelt, If this attempt would have been successful then John Nance Garner would have taken office on march 4, 1933.
  • meeting of the 73rd congress

    The 73rd congress held there first meeting on this date.
  • Amendment took effect

    Amendment took effect
    On this day the 20th amendment took effect.
  • Presidential Terms

    President Roosevelt and Vice President Garner take the first presidential terms under the 20th amendment.