Shattering Glass/ Dabney

By kdabney
  • Hatred

    Lance use to be poplular untill Rob showed up at the school.He still is jus doesnt get the attention he wants so he find way to make people laugh but some doesnt find it as amusing. lance teased the nerd and made fun of him. Rob didnt think anything of it and helped when everyone left. Why is there popular and unpopular why cant everyone be nice everyone is alike in a way.? WHen rob killed the frog that is a foreshodow of maybe Simon dying.
    Rob sylbolizes a nice person who is popular but nice
  • A bet

    wanna bet? make Glass popular? Rob claimed he was going to make Glass popular. So at lunch Rob and his friends all sat by Glass, akwardly glass tlked a little he was confused though thinking the poplular kid tlking to me? whats going on? Every one was staring.
  • Coop

    Coop was a kid that doesnt have to best life of the bunch. His dad was a slop and a mess. A while ago his mom left him and his dad but Coop understood why living with his dad was not the best.
  • Rob's transfer

    Rob's transfer
    Back when Rob transfered to the scoohl he went through the year book to see who's who and popular and not to pick his friends... he gets a little wierder after he picked who out of the year book he went to class to disect a frog and sulfered it until it dies and was amussed by it.
  • gym room =]

    gym room =]
    Rob, Coop, Bob,and young all took Glass to the gym room and told them about their plan to make him popular, after they made friends with him. And for the first time in a while he smiled. =]
  • Change

    Rob and his gang all changed Simon into a totally different person his hair, clothes, style was different and everyone got use to the new simon after awhile.
  • schedule

    Simon cahnged Youngs schedule so it says he is taking Advanced Biolgy because he doesnt want to take it but his dad is forcing him to take it because he wants Young to be just like his dad. SO Simon is helping by hacking into the computer so it says he is taking it.
  • Identityl

    While changing his scdule he figured out that Rob's last name is really Baddeck but no one really new his story. He didnt tell Coop or Young or Bob any thing but they decided to leave it alone and not mention it to Rob.
  • Homecoming ACT

    Homecoming ACT
    the homecoming ACT everyone will find out who the teams mascot really was Simon Glass.